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BDJ Women's Summit 2017: Women Can. Women Will. ♥

Being part of the BDJ Community is such a beautiful blessing. And one of the perks of being a bella, aside from having the best, most useful planner in the world, and enjoying great deals from partner brands, is attending events which aim to inspire and empower us women. 

In my previous blog entry, I mentioned that I was able to tick off the first item on my BDJ travel checklist. Just last Saturday, I was able to tick off two more items: attend a BDJ event and introduce the BDJ community to someone. ♥

When I got the very first email about the BDJ Women's Summit for this year, I immediately blocked off March 25

I was super excited to learn from them! ♥

A week before the event, I got an invite to the Old Navy sale which also happened to be on the same date. Because I also wanted to spend time with my boyfriend's colleagues (they were the ones who invited me to the sale), I decided to attend both events.

I arrived at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura just in time for the afternoon session. Thanks to the Grab promo, I only paid Php35 from Glorietta to SM Aura. :D

Though I know I missed the other half of the summit, I felt that the other half was really meant for me. :) 

Yes, I was not able to listen to Abby Arenas (good thing I had the privilege to attend a training with her during my stay in Splash), Jodi Sta. Maria, Hidilyn Diaz, and Rebecca Bustamante, but the remaining four speakers were more than enough!

For the benefit of those who were not able to attend, and for my own sake as well (reminder just in case I forget), let me share my takeaways from the summit. ♥

The first speaker I was able to listen to was Pia Gladys Perey, a Filipina fashion designer who made it big in the international scene. Honestly, I can compare her to Queen Pia (Wurtzbach) as they are both confidently beautiful with a heart. ♥ I loved her humble beginnings. Indeed, she's one perfect example of making it big by starting small. When she was narrating how her grandfather defined success, I got a little emotional because I remembered my own Lolo, who said the same thing: success is leaving a legacy built on integrity

On point, Ms. Pia! ♥

Ms. Pia also shared her weaknesses and the struggles and challenges she went through (and are still going through). Who would have thought that a successful woman like her was bullied during her childhood because of her eye condition (crossed eyes)? I was also thrilled to know that she is a single mom who's raising not just one but three kids including twins! She must really be a superwoman!

Her story will make you realize that truly, you cannot make excuses! If she made it big, why can't you? (That question was actually meant for me.)

What excuse do you have?

So what's her secret? She listened to her heart. She responded to her very own calling. 

Passion. That's the key.

You need to discover your passion first before you can fulfill your mission. Your passion will reveal your purpose - why on earth you were created for - and discovering what that is will enable you to live life to the fullest. But know that it won't be that easy. You must also be ready to ask yourself (and answer in all honesty) this question: how much are you willing to suffer?

It will cost you a lot. But it will be all worth it. ♥

Her last three slides were important reminders on how we can better ourselves and reach for our stars... 

Learning should never stop!

Because no one will believe you if you don't believe in yourself first.

... and of course while keeping our feet on the ground.

Pay it forward, but never forget to look back.

The other speaker for the second plenary was Rebecca Bustamante and I only got to meet her during the open forum. One thing she said that really struck me was about pursuing personal success first before finding someone to settle down with. She's right. Before you worry about being the last girl to board the train to happy ever after, work on becoming your best self first. Strive to be a successful single lady, then you'll be ready to work on a successful family life. 

Three amazing women on stage! ♥

The next plenary was about positive change and the first speakers were the awesome twins behind PLUMP, Danah and Stacy Gutierrez! If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know how much I love them! Their story, much like Ms. Pia's, is very moving, because it's relatable. I'm not fat. I'm too skinny. And yes, they're right when they said that we get bullied just the same. I swear it annoys me when people tell me, "ang payat mo!" Sometime's I'm tempted to respond, "e di kayo na perfect!" It just sucks that some people don't understand the struggles of both fat and skinny people. It's easy to judge and assume we're not healthy and that we're not taking care of our bodies enough, but if they only know how hard we really try to attain that "perfect" body. Thanks to Danah and Stacy who shared about body positivity! It was actually the first time that I heard about it and I believe it's high time for people to be taught how to be more sensitive and just help their fellowmen see and appreciate the beauty that is innate in them. We only have one body and we got to celebrate it regardless of shape and size. :) 

Thank you, Danah & Stacy!!! ♥

Last, but definitely not the least, is my girl crush, Jaymie Pizarro!

Wife. Mother. Runner. ♥

She is a living proof that it's never too late! She started her running career at 30! (Yep, I'm thirty and I know it. :D). You can read her story here. :) 

Very inspiring woman. Made me say, "kaya ko rin!" ♥

It was a pleasant surprise to me when she shared how she started The Dream Marathon with Sir Jim Lafferty. He used to be our lecturer in our leadership class back in college. And up to this day, I carry with me the greatest lesson he imparted to us: a principle is not a principle until it costs you something

I'll join that marathon one day! ♥

Jaymie also shared with us her winning attitude. Sounds simple but it takes a lot of hard work too! 

Have fun! Because you only live once. :) 
And she ended with this quote: 
I cried when I saw this.

I came out of the hall empowered and convicted that I CAN and I WILL! I was so inspired that I can't wait to begin. So yeah, I'm ending this post now so I can begin my pursuit of personal success and happiness. :D 

P. S. 

Just a little more photos from the summit... 

Keynote speaker was VP Leni Robredo! This time, she was actually there! 

Raffle time! Umulan ng giveaways, promise! :D

Yep, I won! :D

Validity is until next year! Pwede pang magamit sa kasal! Hihi. ♥

Goodies from the generous sponsors!!! ♥♥♥

Again, to the BDJ Team, the speakers, the sponsors, and everyone else who made this event possible, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! ♥

This is how I was able to tick off the other item on my checklist - share the BDJ community. :)

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