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Salamat, Panginoon! :)

*This post is not a Filipino version of my previous post. It's simply an open thank you letter to God for His faithfulness, generosity, and overwhelming love. :)

Dearest Lord, 
You know very well how much I long for a good and restful sleep. Ang aking mga mata'y pikit na ngunit ang puso at diwa ay gising na gising pa. Bakit nga kaya? :) 
Hindi ko na itatanggi dahil alam kong alam Mo na rin naman. Lately, ang dami ko lang iniisip at opo, marami akong pinagdaraanan. But You are just so amazing Lord, You know me so well that You know when I'm at my weakest. Alam na alam Mo talaga ang kahulugan ng bawat ngiti at bawat patak ng aking luha. Alam Mo kung kailan ko higit na kailangan ang presensya Mo. And You were never late, God. You are always on time. Parang ngayon. Ramdam Mo ang pagnanais ko ng kapayapaan, katahimikan, at kasiguruhan na ang lahat ay lilipas din. Kaya naman kahit wala sa plano ko, dinala Mo ako sa isang pagtitipon kung saan bawat kuwento ay hawig sa kuwento ng bu…

Thank You, Jesus! :)

It has been an awesome week but the weekend was simply fantastic! :) We left the CFC Center at a little past 1AM of Saturday because we were finishing stuff for the MMLA (2nd Annual David Awards Night). When I woke up that morning, I did some last minute errands for the MMLA and prepared for my CLP talk in the afternoon. Time management at its best indeed. :) After delivering CLP Talk 10 in Napico 1 chapter, we (Lawrence and I) hurried to AFP Theater for the special ICON registration and the MMLA itself. We arrived exactly at 430PM and immediately started to work - unpacked the cartons containing the promo shirts, sorted the shirts, accepted registrations, etc. By 6PM, we were already getting ready for the mass. 
During the homily, Father Dave Concepcion shared four power statements
1. Stay focused. 2. Know your priorities. 3. Live a balanced life. (Ora et labora - Pray while you work. Work while you pray.) 4. Do not be afraid to make painful decisions for God.
I have actually heard th…

The Last ♥

I chanced upon this video on YouTube and I found it inspiring. :)

I read the producer's note and was even more moved. :) 
There’s actually one more audience this short hopefully speaks to, and it’s those who have found the “last”. What greater feeling is there to have gone through a journey of years, emotion, heartache, joy, and to realize that the person you are with now is the person that embodies everything you’ve gained and needed from your past? If you are one of these people who are with the man or woman they hope, or are, the last, remember how lucky you are. Remember the time when you didn’t have their presence in your life. Remember…who, what, when, where, why they are your last, and be thankful. For there are many who are still on that journey you were once on. Encourage them; the lost to keep hopeful, the troubled to keep fighting for, and the cynics to keep believing in, love.

With faith and confidence I say, true love has finally found me, and yes, I have found my thi…

Before the Pink Shirt Day :)

There was the ...

Let me tell you the story behind this photo. :)
As mentioned in my previous post, we attended (and led) the pilot Intimacy Weekend of Metro Manila. During the last day of the retreat, we were both wearing the "Pusong Maroonong Magmahal" shirt which I bought as a birthday gift for him (and yes, an early birthday gift for myself too). Thanks to my dear friend Rona who gave me the contact number of the merchant. :) And the thing about it is that we really didn't talk about what to wear that day. Nagkataon lang talaga or maybe just a clear indication that we're really compatible. :D 
And what about the McDonalds treat? Well, right after the Intimacy Weekend, we hurried to Antipolo for our CLP talks (10 & 11). On our way home, we thought of having dinner at United Steaks in Sta. Lucia but because we were carrying a lot of stuffs, we decided to just drop off our things first. When we arrived home, Mama is already preparing for dinner and so we just s…

Twenty Seven (and counting) ♥

Today is a full day. :) At work, I had a day full of meetings and dealings with people. November is just a crazy month for all of us. After work, I had a full stomach because of the buffet dinner at Bensetti's! Thanks to my ever sweet and practical Love. :) Why spend much when you can have discounted deals? :D

As I look back, I can't help but be grateful at the kind of love that we have. And because we just came from the pilot run of the Intimacy Weekend, let me share some points discussed in the retreat and relate it to our love story. :) 
Ours is not a "can't live without each other" kind of love as described by Carrie Bradshaw in the movie Sex in the City:

Though we're not yet married, not even engaged yet, I can sincerely say that what we have is genuine love - something free, full, faithful, and fruitful. :) 
Free. It was his decision to court me. Nobody told him to do so (except probably for God), and he didn't court me just because he wanted to win…

Sunday School :)

*We have internet at home! Finally! :) And because I'm still high from the laughter-filled household, I decided to just blog. :) 

The title is such because I felt that I've taken some crash course on life and love last Sunday. :) 
Let me begin by sharing that I was on "plain housewife" mode this weekend. After the stress-relieving family bonding in Batangas, I was left alone at home because my parents were busy with church events while my brother had to catch up with friends and work. And so I did all the household chores I don't usually do due to my busy schedule (yes, feeling celebrity :D). I washed some clothes, cleaned the bathroom, cooked, fed the dog, washed the dishes, cleaned my room, watched Eat Bulaga, and so on. :) 
On Sunday morning, I woke up a bit late, and after having my self-prepared breakfast, I turned on the computer and got to watch this incredibly cute proposal video: 

By the way, as I was looking for the video above, I chanced upon the follo…