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Where Do Weary Hearts Go?

... doing the same thing over and over again? ... being the "go to" person? ... cleaning up someone else's mess? ... caring for people who don't even care? ... loving most especially the least lovable? ... doing favors for people who only remember you when they need you? ... setting things right (or at least trying to)? ... fighting for justice? ... pursuing righteousness? ... life itself?
You may not have a broken heart, but if you answered "yes" to most of the questions above, then you definitely have a weary, and probably, wounded heart. 
So where do we go now? Jonas already gave a warning not to go to Sagada (where broken hearts go :D) dahil "sa dami raw ng gustong makalimot, bingi na ang Kiltepan". Haha. Kawawang Kiltepan. Kasalanan iyan ng That Thing Called Tadhana
Buti na lang tayo (assuming na weary/wounded din ang puso mo), pagod lang, hindi broken. :) And in moments like this, where else do we go but to the ultimate source of streng…

True Love Remains ♥

A scholar of the law asked Jesus, "which commandment in the law is the greatest?" 
Jesus answered, "You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment. The second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself."
And then we ask, "how do we love?"(or sing, "paano ba ang magmahal?") I've written several blog posts about that already (and I'm sure a lot of people also did) and today, during the mass, God whispered, "true love remains"

Fr. Benedict would always say that the daily mass readings are among the greatest proofs of God's consistency. Indeed, God is consistent. He tells us about the greatest commandment, and He also tells us how to fulfill it. To love is to remain.

In the First Reading, after Naomi's husband and two sons died, she decided to leave Moab to go back to her native land. Among her two Moabite daught…

Live. Love. Die.

Blogged about this already late last year. But the lesson is just timeless. :)

Living and loving are two forms of dying. The one who loves dies a million deaths. The one who dies, lives fully. -Cardinal Tagle

Are we ready to die? Die to ourselves and live for others? After all, there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. (John 15:13)
Song in mind: Unless A Grain of Wheat ♥
Whew! Ang hirap, Lord! Pero hindi imposible. With Your grace, we, too, can live, love, and die. :)

Huwag Mangamba :)

I didn't have a perfect week. In fact, the past few weeks have been very overwhelming (in a not-so positive way). Almost everyday I ask God, "Lord, bakit ko nga uli ito ginagawa? Pwede bang itigil na natin ito?" "Ito" refers to the many tasks at hand. Sabi ko nga kay Mama, sobrang demanding ng lahat ng aspeto ng buhay ko lately at hindi ko na talaga alam kung kakayanin ko pa. 
Last Thursday, after the noon mass at the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice, a nun approached me and asked, "May favor sana ako. Pwede bang pakidala ng gamit ko? Mabigat kasi." I gladly replied, "Sige po." While we were walking to the Reconciliation Room (she said she wants to confess), I asked her, "Ano pong congregation niyo?"She replied, "Dominican. Bakit, magma-madre ka ba?" I smiled and told her about my previous encounters with the Carmelites and the Assumption Sisters. Before I left her, she told me, "Mag-usap tayo uli." :) 
Yesterday d…