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The Things I Missed

If last year, I had a Fantastic, Exciting, and Beautiful February , this year I had a crazy month that just went by. You see I was busy preparing for a conference - the biggest conference yet in the community's history. Immediately after that weekend, I attended the Global Leaders Summit and the Missionaries Conference in Cavite. We arrived in Manila on Thursday evening and headed straight to a meeting for the upcoming MM events (MMLA, CLT, MMC, etc.). Yesterday, I went back to work and attended our chapter service meeting. Today, I was supposed to serve in the Cornerstone and help print the shirts for the parish but seeing the mess in my room (I haven't fixed my things yet since I got home) and feeling extreme dryness within (when you've given your all and you feel like there's nothing left to give, when you're just too tired and the only thing you can think of is rest, when you're trying your best to catch your breath and feel that you're still alive), I

He Loved Me First

I've been complaining about my back and my left foot and Mama insists that I should go to bed and get some sleep but I'm just so loaded with thoughts that I couldn't sleep without writing (read: blogging) them. :)             Last night, I mean last Saturday, I attended the service team recollection led by one of my most loved priests, Fr. Benedict Lagarde. He is a missionary priest who is so passionate in his ministry that he could talk about it for hours. :) And I don't mind the lengthy discussion and sharing because I am actually learning a lot from him. He just doesn't share his experiences during his missions but he gives powerful insights as well. Every missionary should really talk to him to have a deeper understanding of and a greater appreciation for the mission. :)  I left the recollection venue (Divine Mercy Shrine) with only one conviction: The Lord loves me and will never abandon me. Fr. Benedict said that if you're doing something grea


"There are four kinds of people in this world: •those who make things happen •those who watch things happen •those who wonder what happened •those who don’t know that anything happened! I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be first on that list." (Mary Kay Ash) I am the first kind. I make things happen. Not because I am good but because I have God. Since time immemorial, I have been tagged as "perfectionist", "OC", or even "OA." It's because I don't settle for anything less. I don't do things just for the sake of doing them. I strive for excellence... all the time. I am always after quality and not just getting things done. I am so passionate about setting things right as well. I follow rules and I am strict in implementing guidelines. And because of this personality, I gained a lot of friends (read: critics). And sometimes these friends become modern day Judases who would kiss and hug you and tell great thi