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Graceful Exit ♥

"Alam ko it will really seem different for the next days but know that you'll always have a family here in GMC."
It has been a week - just a week - since I left GMC. But why does it feel like it's been months already?
I spent most of my days for the past five years at the CFC Global Mission Center. It has become my second home, and the people I've worked with have become my second family. And like any normal family, ours was far from perfect. There was joy, and pain, unity, and conflict, love, and yes, sometimes hate (for all that is wrong and unjust). I lived with all of those for five beautiful and meaningful years.
And now, I'm leaving everything behind. It's liberating, but at the same time, scary. It's like breaking up with someone you've been with for a long time. It's getting out of your comfort zone and stepping into an unknown future. I really don't know where and how to start. All I have is faith and the knowledge that God will n…

Allow Yourself to be Loved ♥

When I learned that it's going to be a long weekend, my brain suddenly became busy thinking of things to do and places to go to. I came up with a lot but on top of everything that I listed was Baguio! It has been my go-to place. There's the PMA, and now the Assumption Sabbath Place where my new spiritual director resides. 
Kung ako lang talaga ang masusunod, I would have spend the long weekend up north. Thing is, hindi ako ang nasunod - yung wallet at katawan ko. 
Due to health and financial constraints, I had no choice but to stay in Manila. 
Of course at first I was frustrated. And I kept on whining. I envied the people who seemed to enjoy their weekend getaway, who got an overdose of vitamin sea, those who went out of the country. Buti pa sila mahal ng Diyos. 
I never doubted God's love for me, but sometimes, when you're sick and broke and alone, and you see others enjoying the company of family and friends, you can't help but think that probably God loves them …