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It's Never Too Late :)

One of my takeaways during the weekend's BDJ Women's Summit was this quote from Erin Hanson: 
"What if I fall?"
"Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?"
I'll keep this short and simple. 
If there is one reason why I wouldn't vote for Miriam, it is the fear of her losing the bid. Yung feeling na sayang lang ang boto kasi hindi naman siya mananalo. 
But what if my one vote was all she needed to win? The fight isn't over until the votes have been counted. It's not yet too late. 
Plus, I was affirmed by the results of this quiz: 

We still have time... to pray, discern, and choose NOT THE LESSER EVIL (lesser evil is still evil) because we actually have a GOOD CHOICE
If you still have an open mind, go check out Miriam's plan of action here:
And I hope you could make time for this quiz: Please read up on what the candidates have to say regarding important national is…