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Mind Over Matter (and the Power of Prayer)

I've gone to three different hospital in three days. Last Friday night, I was brought to Calamba Medical Center because of the head injury that I got from falling so hard and hitting my head on the floor. Good thing the X-Ray results showed no fracture but the doctor said we still need to watch out for the following symptoms:  Loss of consciousnessBlurring of visionNausea and / or vomitingParalysis or weakness / numbnessConvulsionBleeding from ears or noseSevere headache and dizzinessHigh feverCross-eyed / double visionNeck pain / stiff neck On Saturday evening, I experienced several of the above-mentioned signs that's why I was brought to the nearest hospital which happened to be St. Christiana Maternity Hospital. According to the doctor, there is still a possibility of internal bleeding even without a fracture. She gave me a muscle relaxant and a request for cranial CT scan. Yesterday morning, I tried my best to get up and prepare for the ANCOP Global Walk but the symptoms h…

The Power of Words ♥

An anonymous author once wrote: "The language we use to communicate with one another is like a knife. In the hands of a careful and skilled surgeon, a knife can work to do great good. But in the hands of a careless or ignorant person, a knife can cause great harm."

True enough, words have power

And tonight, I'll sleep with a grateful heart for the life-giving words that the Lord has spoken through my brothers and sisters in SFC particularly those who attended the pilot Christian Personal Relationships Weekend. :) 
Allow me to share some of the words of affirmation that I received over the weekend which really made my heart smile and which I believe are God's way of telling me how much He loves me:  "I honor your servant's heart. God is happy to see you serve in SFC!" "I honor you for being strong and loving in spite of all your struggles. Ditolang ako for you." "Thank you for being an amazing partner in service and your strength and in…

I Saw The Sign :)

I am writing this post while singing this song from Ace of Base. :D

It is in no way related to what I am going to share. I just remember dancing to it when I was younger. :) You've got a 90's kid here! :D
On to my sharing. :) 
In today's Gospel reading, the people are asking Jesus for a sign that they may believe.  "Show us miraculous signs, that we may see and believe you. What sign do you perform? Our ancestors ate manna in the desert; as Scripture says: They were given bread from heaven to eat."Jesus then said to them, "Truly, I say to you, it was not Moses who gave you the bread from heaven. My Father gives you the true bread from heaven. The bread God gives is the One who comes from heaven and gives life to the world. And they said to him, "Give us this bread."Jesus said to them, "I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall never be hungry, and whoever believes in me shall never be thirsty." (John 6:30-35) I am guilty of asking …

Walking With God :)

Life is a spiritual journey. We need to stay with God and talk to Him about the things that truly matter - our frustrations, disappointments, dreams, and hopes. As we talk to Him, He promises to walk with us. 

In today's Gospel, two of Jesus' disciples left Jerusalem and embarked on the road to Emmaus bringing with them frustrations, disillusionment, uncertainties, and discouragement. Jesus has died and they don't have any idea on what would happen to them. On their journey, Jesus walked and conversed with them. But they never realized who He was until He broke the bread and shared it to them. Fr. Orly explained in his homily how we, most of the time, long to hear God. Almost always, we wait for Him to speak and reveal Himself to us when all the while, He was just waiting for us to listen. 
This can be proven through the following: 
We pray: Lord, please make me happy. God answers: No. I'll give you blessings. Happiness is up to you.
We p…

Heaven On Earth Experience at Our Lady of Banneux ♥

I went to heaven last weekend. There I was welcomed by Our Lady of Banneux. :)

I never planned to be in that BCOP Weekend. As mentioned in my previous posts, the only place I wanted to be in during that time was Iloilo. But God had better plans, as usual. :)

You guessed it right, He did not surprise me with a ticket to Iloilo but He allowed me to experience heaven on earth in San Mateo, Rizal. ♥

The activity started with a trip to the "old land" where most of the "home partners" used to live. During the walk, Tito Eric, shared with us how they struggled to survive the wrath of Ondoy.

Then the long journey to the "promised land" began. While traveling the long and winding road to Silangan, San Mateo, I could only imagine what would meet us there. I had my expectations already, but I was still open to God's surprises. Though I wasn't at all excited to be there, I chose to believe that God has a message.

When we arrived, I was stunned by the beauty …