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Surprise! ♥

A new month has come! 
Welcome to the Second Quarter! ♥

This afternoon, I got an unexpected call from a delivery man telling me he's waiting for me at the lobby. I wasn't expecting anything from anyone (not within this week) so I was a bit hesitant to go. But because I'm within the office premises, I know I'm safe so I decided to go out and check the package.

Much to my surprise, the package was from
Yeheee! I finally got my entitlements from last month's Women's Stride! And I'm just soooo delighted to receive them! 
This year, I resolved to be really serious about getting fit. Last January, I shared that I already attended the bootcamp to gain access to our Fitness Center. Aside from circuit training, I also became more enthusiastic about running. In February, Paolo and I joined the AmCham Scholarun and were able to complete the 5k course in less than an hour. 

Last month, I signed up for's Virtual Run exclusively for women. :) And…