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Eight: The Gift of Wisdom

How time flies. Today's the last day of February. The first two months of the year are done. And as we welcome March, big decisions have to be made, at least for me. And so I requested for a special time with my parents in the community, Tito Roland and Tita Daisy. I wanted to hear what they have to say regarding my dilemma. I wanted to seek their wisdom.

Not that I'm in my darkest hour. I just have to make a great decision - so great that it will affect a lot of things (and people) in my life, even my future.
Thankfully Tito and Tita agreed to meet with me at Waltermart. And over dinner, I told them about my situation. They listened to my story first and when I was done laying down the details, Tito spoke his mind. Surprisingly, he spoke a lot like Papa (and I can somehow hear Lolo through him too) and as I listen to him, the gray areas in my mind are slowly getting clearer. He explained to me the pros and cons of each of my options, and He helped me realize what I really w…

Seven: Father & Son

It's not time to make a change,
Just relax, take it easy.
This post is not about that song, sorry. :)
We had our cluster upper household this evening and the discussion was about the relationship Jesus had with God the Father and our own experience of that "Father & Son" relationship.
I remember a story shared by a priest during a recollection. He was sent to Mindanao for mission and during one of his sessions with the youth, he noticed a young girl who seemed different from the others. After their activity, all the participants left the hall but that young girl stayed. It was during their conversation when the priest learned that the girl never felt the love of a father. And so she was never close to God. She once tried to enter the church and kneel before Him but all she saw was the threatening image of her father.
When I heard that story, I felt blessed to have a father who, despite his imperfections, has introduced me well to our Father in heaven. But before there…

Six: Learning our Lessons

Hanggang naririto't buo ang daigdig, tagtanim at tag-ani ay sasapit At gaano man kahaba ang gabi, laging may umagang sisilip (Genesis 8:22) 
Tonight on I-Witness, Kara David made a documentary on the tragic earthquake that hit Japan last year. "Ang Pagbangon ng Japan" showed the little but concrete steps the country is taking towards building a stronger, better nation. I love the positive outlook that the Japanese people have maintained despite what they had gone through. They did not allow the tragedy to stop them from living. Instead, they gained even more strength and inspiration to move forward and start building their lives again. It's not going to be easy. Surely, it's going to be a long and tedious process. But as Kara David said, "Posibleng magsimulang muli." ("It is possible to start again.") And in the case of Japan, I think rising up again would not take them too long. :)
Looking for a photo to accompany this post, I came across this:…

Five: Mission Possible

Today, we've gone to one of our dream "mission destinations": Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. :)
Since 2010 we have been going on mission together and we've already gone to several towns in Bulacan, Laguna, and Zambales. When we went to Isabela last year for Kuya Leo & Shezha's wedding, we thought of a crazy dream - to proclaim God's word to every province. And the first province that came to our minds? Nueva Ecija. :) During the 4th session of the Great God ICon in Bohol, Kuya Shok Arriola rallied the delegates to go on mission and in fact, encouraged them to write the areas they want to visit and drop the info card at the designated drop boxes per mission area (Metro Manila, Philippines, International). He assured them that they will receive a call within the year inviting them to go to their chosen areas. Lawrence and I were not able to participate in that activity for we were busy doing our respective tasks. But God really knows the desires of our hearts, a…

Four: T.G.I.F. (Thank God I have a Family)

When I woke up this morning, I decided not to report to Island Rose and just spend the morning with my parents. Over breakfast we talked about how God has been faithful in providing for our needs. Mama recalled how amazingly God worked especially during the times when Papa and I were sick. She said she would almost usually cry then in desperation because she didn't know how to budget the little resources that we had. But thanks to God's grace and providence, we were able to survive and overcome all those challenges. And now, we're even stronger and more bonded. :) We know that whatever comes our way, we would victoriously overcome because we're one and we have a great God.

And so today, allow me to introduce my family. :) (I will try my best to post their photos soon.)
Papa - His real name is Heide but people call him Henry. Why Heide? Because he's the favorite son of my Lola and when she was pregnant with him, she wished she would be a girl. :) Papa is one of the…

Three: Music and Friends

This isn't going to be a long post. I just want to say thank you to the IR girls, especially to Ms. Monet, for inviting (and treating) me to Centerstage last night. :) After the very stressful season, the videoke night was a great stress-reliever. It just feels great to be singing again. And that made me miss the chorale even more. But I know in God's time (and if He wills it), I will be able to join them again in making beautiful music. :)
I'd also like to thank former colleagues, Ate Mhy (who treated us for dinner), Peter, and August, who made my Friday extra special. Reunions are really great especially with friends like you. :)
For the gift of new and old friends, and for the gift of music, thank You, Lord! ♥

♪♫So I say thank You for the music, the songs I'm singing Thanks for all the joy they're bringing Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty What would life be, without a song or a dance, what are we? So I say thank You for the music, for giving it to me…

Two: Remembering God's Greatness

"The path to holiness is to remember... ... that He will restore us ... that He will bring healing in our community ... that He is a great God."
These words were boldly proclaimed by Kuya Noli Manuel during the first session ("Great God") of the CFC-Singles for Christ 19th International Conference held in Tagbilaran last week. In his talk, he discussed about God's faithfulness throughout the years, showcasing the previous conferences and the past issues that the community bravely faced and victoriously overcame through God's grace. It was also during this session when a video presentation of SFC members declaring they have a great God was shown. I couldn't help but also be reminded of God's greatness in my life. And I need not look far.
Today, let me remember God's greatness during that ICon weekend. :)
On February 16, I went home from work at around lunch time. By "work" I mean the part-time job that I have at Island Rose. I left Splash …

One: ASH

Today is ASH Wednesday. Thank God, I was given a rare opportunity to hear mass with my family. As I was reflecting on the essence of this season, an idea suddenly came. I thought of a blogging project I would call "40 Days to Holiness" or simply "40 Days." For forty straight days beginning today, I would post a reflection, a story, a quote, or anything worth sharing. Hopefully, this will rekindle my fire and motivate me to accomplish one of my goals this year: regularly BLOG for GOD. :) 
For day one, I'd like to share this beautiful message I got from Tito George Campos: "The challenge of the season is summed up in the word ASH: Alms-giving, Sacrifice, Holiness. In prayer, we attune our lives to Him and make Him rule our ways and will."
During his homily, Fr. Maico affirmed this when he mentioned about alms-giving, prayer (holiness), and fasting (sacrifice). Truly, lent is all about these three. But I strongly believe that these three should not only …

♥ Letter

We turned 18 months yesterday! Yey! ("Time flies when you're having fun," so they say.) We were not able to celebrate it because I'm still here in Makati processing and tracking orders for Island Rose (But I'll be home soon! The season is almost over and I've been here for more than a week already.). It's my third season here and I must say that this season is definitely more challenging than the previous two. Aside from my main tasks, I also receive calls, handle complaints, and the latest experience, just this night, TUBING! (Ask a florist what that means.) And because I was so busy yesterday, I wasn't able to post this letter. But better late than never, right? And so, today, the feast of St. Valentine, I am sharing this letter to anyone who stumbles upon this blog. Not for any other reason but to share with you one of my biggest blessings and source of great joy. :) Happy Valentine's, people of love! (Because we are the people of God. And God…

Fantastic. Exciting. Beautiful. :)

It's the first day of the so-called "Love Month."And yes, I can feel the love! ♥♥♥
And because I told myself I'm going to be serious about blogging this time, here I am starting the love month with a love blog post. :)
In my last post I mentioned that I claim for and look forward to a spirit-filled, meaningful, productive, and joyful weekend. Guess what? I got more than just that. :) I had an awesome weekend in Manila simply because I spent with amazing people - my family, SFC, SAGIP kids, and of course, my love. :)
Truly, God is everywhere! And the best place to meet Him and experience His love is right here, right now. :)
Now let me share my February 1st. :) I woke up earlier than usual because I'm back to being a working girl! :) You read it right. After a week-long self-declared holiday, I'm now ready to work (with pay) again! Since I left Splash on Friday the 13th (January), I didn't have a regular office work. (But I was busy doing things for SFC a…