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Financial Planning: Future-Proof Your Finances

Happy last Friday of 2017!!!

So how prepared are you for 2018??? :D

I recently met with a financial adviser who shared with me the basics of financial planning. 
I won't discuss everything in detail, because I'm not really in the position to do so, but I'll share what I can. :)
First, there's what we call FINANCIAL TRIANGLE: 

Then the three major risks in life namely:  1. Dying too soon 2. Living too long 3. Sickness/Disablement 
Now the big question is, how prepared are you for these risks? 
During the BDJ Launch Weekend, I got to listen to Cheska Sarausad and she shared the following worries that most adults have: 
1. Can I take care of my aging parents? 2. Can I send my children to college? 3. When I am unable to work, who will take care of my family's needs? 4. When will I afford to get a house for my family? 5. If I get critically ill, will I be able to pay the bills? 6. Will I be able to afford to travel outside the country? 7. Will I have budget to spare to…