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Thank God It's Friday! :)

During our household last week, we talked about one essential thing in a man's life: SMILE. :) Sharing with you some of the materials we used and some inspirations as well to get us going. :) Happy (holiday) Friday! TGIF! ♥

Smile though your heart is aching Smile even though it's breaking When there are clouds in the sky You'll get by
If you smile through your pain and sorrow Smile and maybe tomorrow You'll see the sun come shining through For you
Light up your face with gladness Hide every trace of sadness Although a tear may be ever so near That's the time you must keep on trying Smile, what's the use of crying You'll find that life is still worthwhile If you just smile


A smile costs nothing, but gives much.
It enriches those who receive, without making poorer those who give.
It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever.
None is so rich or mighty that …

Granted Wishes :)

I turned 26 last Monday and though it was an overwhelming day at work, it was also a day full of love and surprises. :) 
Last week, I posted this on Facebook and Twitter: This week I'm grateful for all the birthday wishes coming true. :) Looking forward for more surprises from my great God! :) 
Before that, I posted a blog entry on my birthday wishes.And yes, most of them have already been granted. :) As of today, here's an update on my wish list:
1. Financial resources - for me to pay my bills, contribute to our monthly expenses (food, rent, and utilities), buy my medicines, and pay for the tests and consultation fees :) *As a birthday gift, Papa shouldered my ultrasound. And I was able to reimburse my medicine and consultation fees, thanks to company benefits. :)
2. Good health for me and the members of my family - negative results, please :) *I'm well now, and yes, I'm negative of kidney stones. :)
3. Daily inspiration, motivation and strength - God knows I need …

Limitless! BDJ Fair 2012 :)

I’m here in Boracay for a great birthday weekend, and I'm super excited for the 2012 BDJ Fair at the SM MOA Music Hall on October 14! :)  Just a couple more days and I’ll see you all the Fair!

The 2012 BDJ Fair is open to everyone! :) Drop by and visit the different partner booths, and get the newest editions of the Belle de Jour Power Planner, Navi: Your Life Navigator and the FMN Notebooks at 20% off! Their newest planner, everything is possible, will also be released at 20% off! 

Enjoy the various fun activities from their various brand partners!! No Entrance Fee!! 

For a small donation of Php 100, get a chance to enjoyspecial booths:)

I’ll be bringing ü  Myself! (of course) ü  My sweet smile and my warm heart :) ü  Print-outs of my email notifications (I joined some of the events, and I also won some great prizes. :D) ü  Comfy shoes for walking around the fair ü  A notepad to jot down the important things I’ll definitely learn!
I’m excited to see Donna Cuna-Pita, Tricia Gosingtian, PJ L…

BDJ Fair 2012: Seven Days To Go! :)

The BDJ Fair is less than 2 weeks away (seven days to be exact)!  See you at the SM MOA Music Hall on October 14, from 10am to 10pm!

Aside from their interesting line-up of guest speakers and fun activities, I’m super excited to check out the latest editions of the BDJ Power Planner, Navi: Your Lifestyle Navigator, and their newest babies – the everything is possible planner and newest edition of the BDJ FMN notebooks! The best part is: They will all be available at the fair for 20% off! :D

Belle de Jour Power Planner The Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner is especially made for the Pinay fashionista achiever. The term Belle de Jour (bel duh zhoor') is French fashion lingo for "It" girl, and we have redefined it to mean the modern day renaissance woman who dares to achieve her goals, lives her dream life, makes a difference in her community, all while doing everything in great style.
All pages reflect the uniqueness of the BDJ Girl.  The BDJ Power Planner includes time-ma…

Vincentian Hills: Close to Nature, Closer to God

Last week we went to Angono to check the venue of our Intimacy Weekend next month. 

Vincentian Hills Seminary is a 50-year old structure seated on top of a hill overlooking Laguna Bay and the Sierra Madre Mountains. To reach the place by public transportation, one has to take a jeepney to Binangonan via Double Highway (Manila East Road) and get off at Col. Guido St. (Landmarks: Right - Scapyard Cafe, Left - 7-Eleven). You'll know it's time to alight the vehicle when you see the billboard of Thunderbird Resort. :) From there you can ride a tricycle that will take you to the gate of Vincentian Hills.

Upon reaching the gate, you will need to walk uphill towards the main building. It isn't really a steep climb but it can still make you sweat. And it will be the start of your journey to God, with God. :) You will pass by a bridge where you can see mini waterfalls and a grotto. After the bridge, you will be led into prayer by the prayer guides beginning with Hail Mary. It's …