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Dear February, Thank You for the Love ❤️

February just went by so quickly but before I say goodbye to the Love Month, let me first share three (of the many reasons) why I thank the Lord for giving me the Love of my life, my wonderful husband. 😊

1. While praying after receiving Holy Communion, I was not able to hold back my tears. After the mass, my husband asked, "may kasalanan ba ako?" I swear he was super cute. 😍 He was so worried he might have done or said something I did not like. I smiled and told him the reason why I got a little emotional (and just to set things straight, it wasn't because of him 🙂). I thank the Lord for giving me a husband who pays attention to my thoughts and emotions and makes sure he does nothing that would upset me (and if he does, he'd quickly apologize and make up for it). ❤️
2. A friend had to sleep over due to personal commitments. My husband set up the bed and made sure everything is ready before our guest arrives. Also, there was a time when one of our housemates had a re…

Two on Two 💕

Today, the 2nd day of the 2nd month, Pao and I are celebrating our 2nd month as a married couple, and I am writing my 2nd post for the year. 😍

I initially wanted to share my January highlights and/or something about our wedding, but since we're still sorting the official photos (and waiting for the others), I'll save that post for later 😁.

For now, let me share a more timely content. Actually, this post has been on my Draft folder since 2016. But I guess it wasn't meant to be posted until now. 😊

Soooo, here it goes! Happy February! 💕

Secrets To A Happy, Lasting Marriage ♥

During a mass with the cadets, PMA Chaplain Fr. Leonides Cruel, shared 8 secrets to a happy and lasting marriage based on the letters of the word itself: 
Mutual Understanding. We acknowledge the reality that the husband and the wife are two completely different, unique individuals. They have different beliefs and opinions but what would keep them together is mutual agreement and understanding.