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Because I'm an Empowered Bella... ♥

I’m super excited for the 2012 BDJ Fair at the SM MOA Music Hall on October 14! :) Last year I attended the BDJ Fair at Eastwood and it was my best post-birthday celebration ever! :) Surely, I wouldn't miss this one (MOA is just near the airport anyway. :D).     Check out their activities and GET A CHANCE TO WIN Free BDJ 2013 Power Planners and many more special prizes from their lifestyle brands! TO WIN! --- Play an active role in the fair’s festivities. Pre-register in any of the following activities below.  Please note each activity is limited to a certain number of slots :) First come first served.   10:00AM-11:00AM Kick-Ass Krav Maga (50pax) Unleash that Strong Bella inside you as you learn self-defense techniques from the expert coaches at IKMF-Philippines.  Be proud and confident in the knowledge that you can protect yourself! 11:00AM-11:30AM Style Me Over! (50pax) Give yourself a style update with this mini-workshop by Jasmine Mendiola as she show

An Honoring :)

I saw this on my cousin's wall and I decided to read. I just didn't like the accompanying photo and so I decided to post it here. :) I believe the man who wrote this has already attended the Knights Tale Weekend (or read the Princess Diaries manual). Or maybe he has heard Fr. Joel, Christopher West, or Jason Evert before. Or probably he has read the books "Free Love, True Love" and "Pure Manhood."  Whoever he is, I thank God for men like him. :) Some inspiration. :) **************************************************** Author: Jayson Benedicto  SA MGA BABAE, TAKE TIME TO READ. FOR GUYS HOPE YOU READ THIS TOO. :) Ang galing ng lalaking nagsulat nito: "Ang mga babae, madaldal/mabunganga." Oo, wala talagang tigil ang bibig nila sa pag-rachada sa kakasalita. Lalo na sa tuwing pinapaalala nila sayo na oras na para inumin ang iyong gamot, kapag nagtatanung sila kung kumain ka na ba, kapag ginising ka nila sa u

Prayer of A Person Falling in Love (Again) ♥

*This was my prayer two years ago, months before August 13. It was originally posted on Facebook. I am posting it again as a reminder. :) Dear Lord, For three years I took very good care of myself and my heart. I didn’t allow anyone in for I know deep within that I still need healing. In those three years that I was alone, I never felt lonely because You were with me all along. And I thank You for Your love which strengthened and inspired me to go on, move on and forward. Loving Father, it was You who filled the emptiness in me. It was You who healed my brokenness. It was You who made me feel that I am loved no matter who and what I am. And it is because of Your love that I had grown into the person that I am now - more mature, more understanding, more patient, more caring, more loving, simply better than before. It is You who taught me how to truly love. Your love is my example. Your love is my guide. The previous months and weeks have been challenging for me an

Overwhelming Love ♥

During the Theology of the Body Weekend, God has revealed a lot to me, mostly about myself. On Saturday night I read Jason Evert's Pure Manhood before going to bed. On the way home yesterday, I read Crystalina Evert's Pure Womanhood. I felt like I've gone to three retreats (Theology of the Body, Knights Tale, Princess Diaries) in just one and a half days. I couldn't be more grateful. :) As I reflect on the key messages of this weekend, I can't help but remember my past hurts and brokenness. I already told a little about my "love" journey here  but I never shared the whole story. It was just too ugly that I didn't want to talk about it. Let's just say that I don't have the guts to tell the whole world (at least the readers of this blog) how stupid I was then. I couldn't just accept the fact that I did foolish things for what I thought was "love." And it's frustrating to realize that after all the tears that I cried, the s

Everything Belongs To God

As mentioned in my previous post , I spent a very nourishing weekend in Cavite. And one of the best parts of the retreat was when Fr. Joel showed us this video: I first saw this during the SFC International Conference in Cam Sur last year. I thought it's a good material and so I downloaded it. When I was watching it last Saturday, I remembered one conversation with a taxi driver. Every time I hire a cab, I make sure that I get to know at least a little about the driver, and so I speak to them. I usually begin the conversation with this question: "Do you own this taxi?" If they'd answer no, my follow-up question would be, "How much is the boundary?" This particular taxi driver is different from all the drivers I've met because he neither answered "yes" nor "no." What he told me left a mark in my mind and in my heart. "Sa Panginoon po ang taxing ito, Ma'am. Pinahiram lang po sa akin."  (This taxi belongs to God.


If there's one word to describe how my weekend was, it would be nourished . :) Spiritually nourished by the pilot weekend of the Theology of the Body Retreat, and physically nourished by the great food and the very peaceful environment at St. Paul Center for Renewal in Alfonso, Cavite. Thank You, Lord for allowing me to experience Your greatness through the retreat and through the venue itself. Thank You for giving me the opportunity to spend quality time with You and with myself. :)  I learned a lot this weekend and my prayer is that I would have the strength, the courage, and the will power to really live out the lessons of the TOB. Grant me the grace to be an example, Lord. Nourish me more that I may also nourish others. Strengthen me that I may also strengthen others. Let me be Your healing touch, Your loving embrace, Your forgiving and everlasting love to the people around me and to those You are calling me to reach.  Amen. :) Thank You, Lord! I love You,

Simply Undefeatable

Quick post: I just would like to share a text from Rick Warren. By the way, I replaced all the "you"s with "we" because I believe this is for all of us. :) Be Undefeatable: Lean on the Lord "No one will be able to defeat you all your life. Just as I was with Moses, so I will be with you. I will not leave you or forget you." (Joshua 1:5) We need to learn to lean on the Lord. It doesn't mean just believe in Him - it means depend totally, completely, and exclusively on God. When we lean on something, we expect it to hold us up. We can lean on the Lord. The key verse was taken from the book of Joshua. And if we study his life, we'll find that as long as he leaned on the Lord, he was undefeatable.  When we think we can't do something on our own power, that's okay. Lean on God, and He will give us His power to do what He has called us to do. We lose our fear when God is near , and He's promised to always be with us.

Last (Last) Sunday Night :)

This post is inspired by my very dear boyfriend who shared that he's blogging about what happened last night . already blogged about what happened two Sundays ago. :) (View his post here .) :) And so let me share my own version of what really happened last last night. :)  After spending the morning with the family and the afternoon with both SFC and family (I attended the CLP Orientation of Vista Verde chapter and heard mass again at Immaculate Concepcion Parish with my family), I prepared to spend the evening in worshiping and honoring God with my brothers and sisters in the whole CFC community. It so happened that Alpha wanted to meet up and so I just invited her to the praise concert. :) By some twist of fate, I instantly became part of the service team (good thing I was also wearing black :D). It was a different experience, a great and powerful one indeed. I was so proud of Lawrence and I thank God for blessing me with a man like him, a man full of passion, a man so i

Not Just Another Monday :)

It was like a holiday at the office, at least at the SFC area. I was the only employee present. But I thank the Lord for it was a very productive day for me. :) And because God loves me so much, He rewarded me with a very nourishing date with Lawrence. :)  First stop: Marian Exhibit Located at the basement of Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, the Marian Exhibit showcases beautiful images of the Blessed Mother. It's a must-see for all Catholics especially for devotees. You won't leave the exhibit without learning something new about our beloved Mother. Entrance is free and one might also win a free shirt from Radio Veritas. Lawrence did! :) There are also boxes where you can drop your love offerings and special petitions. The exhibit is from September 1 to 16 only. Mass is at 12nn everyday. Here are some of my most favorite images of Mama Mary:  Baby Mary :) Japanese Mary :) La Divina Pastora :) Our Lady of Miraculous Medal :) Our Lady of Veritas :)

Birthday Blessings :)

It was Mama Mary's birthday yesterday (since it's already the 9th of September) but with everything that happened, with all the blessings and surprises, it felt like I also celebrated my birthday! :) On Friday I represented the ministry at the Department Heads Meeting (and a Tito commented that I have a good voice.. ehem :D). After finishing my tasks, I went to my dear alma mater to join the SFC Team in celebrating Kuya Adrian's birthday. It was a coordination meeting / fellowship, and I really had a great time! :)  Campaign Paraphernalia :) We then went to Technohub to experience Mezza Norte but because I still have my chapter household, I left early. I arrived in Kabisig just in time for the prayer. The topic was about honoring that no means no and we had a very healthy discussion. :) Ruby's place served as my temporary home as I spent the night there. On Saturday morning, we woke up early and prepared ourselves for a very long day. While having breakf

Revolution of the Heart

Last September 1, I was at the World Trade Center for the biggest revolution of the year, Real Love Revolution 2012 . :)  Photo Credits: Truly Rich Mom Despite being busy with this (and with other admin stuffs): SFC ICON 2013 Promo ... I was still able to get the meat of the conference. And I believe God really intended for me to hear and remember these three important things all from Chris Stefanick:  1. "You don't have to do anything for me to love you." Is that sweet? NO. It's normal. Love isn't based on what the person can and cannot do for you. Christ loves us even in our nothingness. As Philip Yancey said, t here is nothing we can do to make God love us more…and nothing we can do to make God love us less. God is love—a noun, not a verb—and cannot help loving. 2. Do not make moral decisions with your feelings. Do them with your brain. Feelings change and while they are valid, they are not always true. Besides, decisions are not

Love Ko 'To! (Love Kita!)

This is not a paid advertisement and I have no intention to promote this fast food chain. It's just that for more than a week now, this has been my "place to be." For some reason, all my households, meetings, fellowships, and simple meet-ups happen in Mc Do. And since Friday, I've had engagements every day and yes, every night. And I believe it's no accident. I believe it's God's way of reminding me how much He loves me. :) Now every time I see a Mc Do (and I see them almost everywhere), I don't read the tag line as "Love Ko 'To" but as " Love Kita! " :) And those very words come from no less than LOVE Himself - GOD. :) It's a sweet affirmation, a gentle reminder, a great inspiration that moves me every single day.  I love because I was first loved by the greatest lover of all. And every day, He gives me simple reminders of how great He is and how blessed I am. :)  Love din Kita, Lord! :)