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Take Away the Rest ❤️

You have everything to give You are everything we need Oh just be with me My Lord And take away the rest Take away the rest Tonight I cried a little bit more during Holy Communion. I highlighted that part of the song which caused me almost a liter of tears.  See, we're going through a lot these days. Our weekends have been spent mostly at Makati Med for checkups and procedures that don't seem to end. It's tiring, and costly (thank God for health cards and insurances). And I can't help but be frustrated every time I'm given a new prescription or a new order (sobrang suki na ako ng lab at radiology) . My greatest worry is my husband. We've been married for three months ( pa lang ) and he already had to deal with all these stuff. Actually, he's no longer new to this. He's been with me since my first ever surgery back in November 2015 (while we were still 'just friends'). He has seen me at my worst and he has been a constant wit