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To My Other "First True Love" (and the first to break my heart)

I was only fourteen years old then, but I had it all planned already. You said you can peacefully go when you reach the age of 80. So I thought that you would still be around by the time I graduate from high school, and it would only be fitting for you to come up to the stage with me. You know you have always been my inspiration. And you're actually the reason why I studied so hard to earn all those medals. Your achievements were my motivation. I wanted to be just like you. 

But everything changed on that Good Friday, fourteen years ago. I woke up to Mama's voice, crying inconsolably. I knew something happened. You left us to join our Creator. 13 April 2001. From then on, I hated Friday the 13ths. Because it was Friday the 13th when I first had my heart broken. And it remains to be the hardest to deal with. I guess it's true, "the first cut is the deepest." 

Today, you would have been 92. I celebrated it by eating your favorite merienda, palitaw, and by repeatedl…

The Gift of Sisterhood ♥

Tonight, I just found out about a dear friend and sister's engagement. I was so excited that I sent her a message telling her how happy I am for this milestone in her life. She is my twin sister back in high school. We were classmates from first year to fourth year (and we call ourselves III-1 deportees, but I won't tell you why :D #PastIsPast), went to the same university (took different courses, though), fell in love, got our hearts broken, picked up the pieces together, and encouraged each other to be better. :) 
Years later, I invited her to attend the SFC International Conference in Bohol. She attended the Christian Life Program after that and eventually became an active member (and now, also a leader) of SFC Central B. There she met the man whom God has been preparing for her. Just last month, after two years of being in a (long-distance) relationship, he already asked her to be his wife. And she said yes! Hooray!!! ♥♥♥
Tonight, I also said yes to a proposal... be…