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Student of Life, Student for Life

I commute daily to work and I get to witness different stories of people. Of course I have my own stories too. :)

This morning, when I handed over my fare to the driver, he asked, "Estudyante?" (Student?). I couldn't blame him for asking because with a backpack and my gray polo shirt and black jeans attire, I really look like a TIP student. Haha. I politely said, "Hindi po." (No.
But then I realized, I actually am a student. :) Just last Monday, Lawrence and I talked about it - being a student of life. Education doesn't end with a diploma and isn't only acquired in the university. In fact, most of the hardcore life lessons are presented to us not in textbooks nor in any other material resource, but in our very experiences. We learn from every person we encounter, every difficulty we face, every trial we overcome, every temptation we resist, and every victory we win every single day. 
Therefore, we are and will always be students of life. We are stude…

Love Text :)

A few minutes ago, I received this message from an unknown sender:
Nang mahalin kita, hindi ko alam ang umpisa, hindi ko rin alam kung ano ang wakas. Hindi ko alam kung masaya o hindi. Hindi ko alam kung mali o tama. Basta alam ko... MAHAL KITA!
Out of courtesy, I replied: "Ganyan ang pagmamahal ni God. :) By the way, sino ito?" I haven't gotten a reply yet but whoever the sender may be, I thank God for him/her because his/her message was a beautiful reminder of how much the Lord loves me. :) It was one "I LOVE YOU (period)." from the Greatest Lover of all. :)
And that's exactly how God loves - unconditional, selfless, ever-giving. He loves just because. :)
I'm keeping this short and sweet, and so I'm ending with this lovely poem written by Frances Gregory Pasch:
God's love has no boundaries it's flowing everywhere. He has enough for everyone And even some to spare.
So take a heaping handful and give some out each day... Speak …

Wishes and Commitments

During our chapter new year assembly, I gave my members two pieces of paper on which they can write their wishes for the chapter and personal commitments. I instructed them to write their wishes on the smaller paper (orange) and their commitments on the bigger paper (green). Afterwards I asked them to post their papers on the illustration boards that I provided.

The processing was very insightful and I truly praise and thank the Lord for speaking to all of us. :)

Why commitments? Because we don't want to dictate and tell them the things they have to do. We want them to have their own take. We explained to them that their personal commitments are essential tools in making their wishes for the chapter a reality. We have long realized that no great plan can ever be executed  excellently without the support, commitment, and dedication of the people behind it. And leaders can never make it on their own, they need the cooperation of their members.

We didn't have targets but commitme…

A Celebration of Mission, Finding God

Today is the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord Jesus Christ, the first Sunday of 2013, and the first Mission Core Assembly this year. Among my commitments this year is to faithfully attend MC assemblies and teachings and be present in most, if not all, of the activities of the ministry. I'll be honest that it's a little tiring sometimes, especially when you have to wake up early on Sundays. But the little sacrifices that I have to make are nothing compared to the spiritual nourishment that I will definitely gain. And so today, allow me to share the beautiful homily of Fr. Benedicto Lagarde Jr. :)
The Gospel is taken from Matthew 2:1-2.
When Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, in the days of King Herod, behold, magi from the east arrived in Jerusalem, saying, "Where is the newborn king of the Jews? We saw his star at its rising and have come to do him homage." 
When King Herod heard this, he was greatly troubled, and all Jerusalem with him. Assembling all the chi…

My Funny Lover

Last January 2, I posted this on Facebook: 
"Went home earlier than usual because I was the only one left at the fourth floor (today's the first workday of the year and most of the people are still on holiday mode I guess :D). When I reached home, my parents had left for their church service and they won't come back until late this evening because I remember they told me they would attend a party with their choirmates and co-ushers. (Sila na ang mas busy ngayon. :D)

Umuwi nga ako agad dahil ayokong mag-isa. Pagdating ko sa bahay mag-isa pa rin pala ako. Funny Ka talaga, Lord. Pero salamat, ramdam kong Ikaw ang kasama ko at ang sweet lang ng thought na gusto Mo akong masolo. :) It's bloglove time! ♥"

That time, I could imagine God laughing at me and I couldn't help but laugh as well. :) In my mind, I have this beautiful image of Him: 

And I couldn't agree more to this: 

You see, God is not really hardcore, serious, and someone to be feared. He is actually a…


In a month's time, SFC will celebrate it's 20th year as a ministry and the team is already at the final stretch of preparations for this big event. We just had our first coordination meeting this year and during his exhortation, Kuya Shok boldly proclaimed that 2013 is a year of transitions.

Reflecting on the word, I looked at myself and how I have been in the previous years. It dawned on me that indeed 2013 is a year of transitions for me - career, service, family, lovelife, etc. And I am but excited to see what God will reveal to me this year.

Thus, today I declare that this year will truly be different because as I answered on an FB contest hosted by Gush Shop, I will be bigger, bolder, stronger, more giving, more loving, and definitely better than I was in 2012 and in the past 26 years.

While I may be a little uncomfortable with the unknown future and while sometimes I just wish I could resist change because I fear it would be hard for me to adjust, I am also fully aware …


I arrived early at the Center today and after the morning worship, Tita Eva made a sad announcement: A YFC leader was found dead in Laguna and authorities were suspecting that she was raped. When I arrived at my workstation, I turned on the computer and searched for that news. Reading through it (, I couldn't help but ask a lot of questions. At the same time I realized that you can't really tell when and where is safe. Riza left her friend's house at 9 o'clock in the morning because being on the road at earlier than that is perceived to be unsafe, but she was still a victim. I could just imagine how painful it is for her parents and loved ones to accept this tragedy. And yes, I felt a little worried about myself too. But somehow I found comfort and assurance in one of the songs we sang this morning. And I'd like to share it to you: 
SURE FOUNDATION Lord, we are Your children Chosen and ca…

Daily Reminders :)

Today is the first workday of the year and among the first departments that I visited today was HR. :) I haven't gotten my request yet (they promised to release it tomorrow) but I got something better and I thought it would be helpful if I post it here. :) Read on, be inspired, and be very blessed. :) 
MY DAILY REMINDER (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)
"I am patient and kind; I am not jealous or conceited or proud; I am not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; I do not keep a record of wrongs; I am not happy with evil, but am happy with truth. I never give up; and my faith, hope, and patience never fail." 
"Ako ay matiyaga at magandang-loob, hindi nananaghili, nagmamapuri, o nagmamataas, hindi magaspang ang pag-uugali, hindi makasarili, hindi magagalitin, o mapagtanim sa kapwa. Hindi ko ikinatutuwa ang gawang masama, ngunit ikinagagalak ang katotohanan. Ako ay mapagbata, mapagtiwala, puno ng pag-asa, at nagtitiyaga hanggang wakas."
10 RULES FOR A BLESSED DAY (Author Unknown)

I Am SFC ♥

I celebrated my 6th year in the community last December 9, during our sector Family Christmas Party. The greater victory was that SFC, my ministry, won the best presentation in the Caroling for Christ Competition. :)

I would describe my journey in SFC as a rollercoaster ride with all the ups and downs, and the several "hold your breath, hang in there" moments. Kuya Lawrence was right when he said that missionary life is not a bed of roses.
During my years in SFC, I've had my share of heartaches, frustrations, depressions, disappointments, and animosity. I've been fooled, betrayed, used, condemned, judged, scolded, belittled, tempted, and was even lured to believe the biggest lies.
Not only once have I felt so bad that I wanted to leave the community and just forget about those people who took advantage of me.
"Give but don't allow yourself to be used. Love but don't allow your heart to be abused. Trust but don't be naive. Listen to others but don&#…

Thank You and Welcome :)

Thanks to Facebook for having this very intelligent application: 

In fairness, it really captured the highlights of the year that was. :) It just feels good to reminisce. And as I shared in Facebook, I have two words for 2012: THANK YOU!
Thank you for the great memories, the abundant blessings, the hardcore teachings, the terrifying trials, and everything there is to remember and celebrate about during your time, 2012. :) You have been a proclamation of how blessed I am and how great my God is. I will be forever grateful. ♥
As for 2013, I WELCOME you with a sincere prayer and a hopeful heart. I know you have nothing but great things in store for me. The very words that I uttered during our family prayer time are the exact contents of my heart. I claim that you will truly be a BIG YEAR for me, and for us. :) 

To everyone, a blessed and bountiful 2013 to you and your families! ♥ Here's my prayer for all of you, for this country, and for the whole world: 
May the Lord bless you and ta…