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Four Dishes of Loneliness :)

January 25, 2015 10:20PM My brother left for a business trip last Thursday and he hasn't returned yet, so I've been alone in this apartment for four days now. I know I could have gone out with friends but if you have a job as toxic as mine, then you would understand that weekends, especially Sundays, are just sacred days meant to be spent with God and either family or if you're alone like me, with yourself.  I guess that's just things are when you're single and 28. Seriously, I was tempted to go to the nearby internet cafe to check my email or just update my social media accounts. But the lady in me opted to stay at home and just do one of the things I am passionate about but don't have the time to pursue: cook! Yeah, I spent my Sunday going to the market and cooking all day! Oh what a beautiful day! :)  Photo Credit: For breakfast, I only had Energen (Strawberry Flavor) and bread. But the rest of the meals for the day

Why I Don't (and Won't) Settle for Less

People call me perfectionist but I wouldn't consider myself one for I, too, have many imperfections. I would rather describe myself as "one who doesn't settle for less." Para sa akin, hindi pwedeng "pwede na. "  Even before the GMC Vision and Mission Statement was created, it has already been my battle cry to give my "utmost" in everything. My personal statement soon became an oath recited daily by the employees of the CFC Global Mission Center: "We are CFC missionaries who give our utmost in serving God's servants."  Just last Saturday, God affirmed that principle through our new sector fulltime worker, Kuya Jay Laquian, who shared that one of the things he learned from his wife was the idea that "good is never enough for God."  Yes, " good is never enough ." In our local language, " hindi pwedeng pwede na ."  If we do everything to glorify God, then we must do them excellently. We give

Let His Light Shine ♥

During his message at the Concluding Mass of the Papal Visit, Cardinal Tagle promised our dear Pope Francis that the Filipinos will be the lights of Christ in Asia and in the world . Such big a promise that equates to a bigger responsibility for the Filipino Church and all of us faithfuls. But with Mary, the Star of Evangelization, as our model, we certainly can fulfill our Cardinal's vow. In the Gospel, we are called to be salt of the earth and light to the world (Matthew 5:13-16) . But we are not to produce our own light, for the light comes from Jesus Himself. Just like Mary, we do not have light of our own, but we would only reflect the light of Christ. Thus, we must always be connected and one with Him. After all, He is the Vine and we are the branches, apart from Him, we can do nothing  (John 15:5) . How can we be truly lights of Asia and the world?  We shine with the light of Jesus.   In more concrete ways, we are to:  1. Commune with God in prayer as o

An Opportunity To Love More ♥

Chronicles of my three-day "retreat" in Mindoro. :) Source: My Journal 12.23.14 So we're stranded here in Roxas, Oriental Mindoro for 12 hours now (and counting). On normal conditions, I would have already arrived in Iloilo by this time. I don't know what's wrong as there are different speculations but I'd like to believe the explanation of the bus conductor that the Coast Guard does not allow boats to sail due to strong waves. Both my phone and my laptop are already drained and I am so tired already I just want to lay down on a real, comfortable bed.  This is the first time that I experienced to be in this situation. It's not my first time to travel alone by RORO but this is indeed the worst, and because of this, I officially dislike travelling by bus during peak seasons. I couldn't be left with no other choice next time. I have to be prepared and I have to book early to secure cheap air fares.  Yesterday, I was so stressed and exhau

Eight Reasons Why I Thank God for 2014

On the first Monday of January, the first workday of 2015, CFC Executive Director Tito George Campos exhorted that as we start a new year, we must never forget the year that was (and the years that were), especially the lessons we've learned along the way. He encouraged us missionares to continue to behold 2014 and ponder on how it has prepared us for 2015.  I must agree that while our past does not define our future, we cannot discredit the influence that it has on our present (and yes, eventually, our future). And so, for my first post this year, in the midst of the storms that I am currently facing particularly at work, I look back, behold, ponder, and thank the good Lord for these eight reasons why 2014 had been an awesome year for me :  1. F reedom (aka Independence) 2014 was a year of fully embracing the beautiful gift of singlehood. It wasn't easy as I had to leave my comfort zone. I had my fears, and mind you, they're big and serious. But it's as if