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Missed Calls ♥

I got worried when I saw the missed calls earlier today. So I immediately called back to check if there's anything wrong. When Papa picked up the phone, I asked at once, "Bakit Pa, ano pong nangyari?"  His reply both gave me a sigh of relief and a greater urge to come home. 
"Wala naman, anak. Miss na miss lang kita." 
Huhu. Why do you have to be such a drama king, Papa? Nagmamana tuloy ako sa 'yo e. 
Papa used to be so bad with words but as he aged, he became more expressive. Now that he's just attained his dual citizenship (senior citizenship :p), he's even more emotional. Sometimes, out of the blue, he would send a message (or like today, call) just to say he misses us. 
And I'm not complaining. In fact, I feel blessed and privileged to have such loving parents and such a sweet father. ♥
Now I can't wait to come home and give them a warm hug. I really miss them. It's hard to live alone. I know kids these days want to have their freedo…

Gracias ♥

During one of the activities in our teambuilding last month, we were asked to share about our greatest accomplishment. 
Honestly, I couldn't think of any because I have never accomplished anything I consider significant for the past 30 years of my life. Such a waste, huh? Seriously, I think all of my so-called "accomplishments" were just normal, little milestones. I mean they can all be achieved by everybody else, so there's nothing I could really boast of. 
And so I told Kuya Rommel (who was my partner during the activity), "wala pa po sa ngayon, pero kung ma-pull off ko po yung fundraising activity (my goal is to raise at least Php100k sa screening ng Moana) for Raia, siguro po yun na." 

I will not forget that fateful day, October 25, Tuesday. 
Paolo just called to wake me up (he is my alarm clock when I need to wake up earlier than usual). And I was still struggling to get out of bed when I read the text message from Mars. I immediately got up and could…