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Morning Rituals To Kickstart Your Day ♥

One famous motto in life is "CARPE DIEM" which is the Latin translation of "seize the day." It is a reminder to embrace the now and truly live in the present. And the "present" begins in the morning. And yes, there's some truth to the saying "win the day by winning the morning."
To be honest, I don't consider myself a morning person. Since I had an operation late last year, I really find it a challenge to wake up early in the morning. I literally never want to leave my bed. I could think of so many reasons why I'd rather sleep a little longer. But then I realized, it all boils down to making a decision. Remember, we always have a choice. :)
So how does one win the morning? I believe there's no one perfect formula that will work for everyone, but as for me, I have resolved to do the following rituals: 
1. Nourish my relationships first. Basically, I am in a relationship with everyone around me, but what I value the most are my rel…

Adulting 101: The Perks of Loyalty

One of the things I learned in Splash is BRAND LOYALTY. Of course you have to try it first to believe it. But when you have proven that a brand (or service) works for you, you can stick with it forever (I believe it does exist!). 
Over the years, I've come up with my own list of brands and services that work perfectly for me. I am a strict critic and I really go for quality all the time. With a lot of rewards and loyalty programs available, how do you know which ones are worth it? 
In my humble opinion, you really have to know "what's in it for you" before choosing to sign up for a loyalty program and availing/purchasing a loyalty/rewards card. 

I highly recommend the following: 
1. SM Advantage

You can use it not only to earn points from Watsons, SM Department Store, and SM Supermarket but also from their wide range of partners. I've been a member since 2010 and I have already paid for a number of items (including a gift for a former boss) using the points that …

Blessed Encounter

Yesterday, I hailed a taxi in the rain. No, I wasn't fixing a broken heart. I was just rushing to attend the mass. 
The driver was Tatay Nestor Yancha, 74 years old, lives in Kamuning with his wife and 5 daughters. 

When he retired from his former job at the city hall, he decided to be a taxi driver to support his children's schooling. He needs Php800 a day to give them ample allowance. That means, he needs to earn at least 2,600 (Php800 for the boundary, Php1000 for gas). His eldest is a graduating Education student at New Era University. The other two are enrolled at RTU Boni (he also told me their courses but I have forgotten, my bad), and the youngest two are high school students at Ramon Magsaysay High School Cubao. 
When I asked him why his children are still young, he told me he got married at 60, and his wife, during that time was just 24 (the reason why he still had children).Yep, even before there was Vic and Pauleen, there was already Tatay Nestor and his wife.