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HOT March!

Kung anong lupit ng Pebrero, siyang bait naman ng Marso. :)  It has been more than a month already since I last blogged. And for my "comeback" post, allow me to share with you the highlights of this month (minus the regular meetings and schedules) - the reasons why I didn't have the time to regularly update this very precious online journal.  March 2: Cornerstone Moving Up Day. I didn't get to take photos for I was busy distributing certificates. It was such a humbling experience especially when you see parents getting a little bit emotional as they receive the award/s for their children. :) Through Education, Anything Can Happen! :) March 2: Roadtrip with the Boys.  We went to Infanta, Quezon to check the venue of our CLP & Evangelization Training. It was a fun roadtrip with the boys. :) March 4: Last Cluster 2 Household.  Due to CFC integration, we will be transferred to the newest cluster of SFC - cluster 4! Thus, we held our last hou