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Growing Together. Better Together. ♥

It all started with this:

Now, it's this:

It has been three long years of friendship, travel, food, and mission. Not perfect, not exempt from quarrels and misunderstandings. There are disappointments and sometimes things get worse that you can't help but wonder if the relationship will still work or if it's already time to give up and let go.

It happens to all love stories. The difference lies in how the people involved respond to the circumstances. Many articles have been written to help couples deal with each other and create a lasting relationship, most of which I have already read. But nothing beats the lessons learned from personal experience. And so, before 2013 ends, let me share the most important love lessons I will carry to make 2014 better, brighter, lovelier! ♥

1. Let God write your story but please cooperate with Him. It's one thing to say that God writes your story, but it's another to actually entrust your whole life to Him and allow Him to take over…

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year ♥

With everything that happened this year, we have every reason not to celebrate Christmas... that is if we have forgotten the true reason for this season. But Fr. Benedict had reminded us time and again that no matter what difficulties we encounter throughout the year, we can never postpone Christmas. Yet, he challenged us not to forget our brothers and sisters who still suffer from the wrath of Yolanda and other calamities and those who seem to have been forgotten by society. He encouraged us to spend Christmas in a simple yet creative and meaningful way. 

That's exactly what I did this year. Let me share three ways by which I celebrated the most wonderful time of the year. :)

1. Sort my things. Instead of spending time shopping (I don't have that much money to spend anyway. :D), I really took time to sort my things and look for items which I haven't used/no longer use/have no intention to use and give them to people who need them more. And there's just a lot of them.…

SFC ICON 2014: Let Christ Be The Reason

Here's one more chance to register for the 21st SFC International Conference (ICON) happening on February 14-16, 2014 in Cagayan De Oro City! 
On December 25, the online registration will be opened from 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM to accommodate people who would like to be part of the most awaited and the biggest SFC gathering. The event is open to non-members so you can actually invite your non-community friends, especially those who might need some inspiration and enlightenment. :) 
The links to the memos and  other relevant guidelines are found here:
For those who would like to avail the Christmas Promo, you may view the complete guidelines here:
Have yourself a merry little Christmas. Be with Christ. Live Christ. Share Christ! :) 
Come to the ICON and experience more of Christ and His abundant, unconditional, eternal love! ♥

When You're Sick and It's Christmas

... you'll receive lots of love and care and stuff from people. :) 
Last week was probably among the busiest weeks of my year. And because there's just too much on my plate already, my body cried "enough!" Thus, last Saturday, I went home in bad shape. I had colds that hindered me from breathing normally. On Sunday, I had fever and suffered from terrible headache and body pains. I did not report for work on Monday because I felt worse. 
Despite being under the weather for the past days, I still am very grateful for the love and care that I receive from people and for the following material expressions of that love: 

And these were my surprises yesterday: 

But wait, there's more! During lunch, I was seated beside Tito Mon and in the same table as Tito Eric. Much to my surprise, Tito Eric gave me a glass of water. It might seem like a small gesture but that meant a lot especially that it came from no less than the GMC Administrator himself. I really felt so pampered…

A Walk Down Memory Lane

The theme of this year's GMC Christmas Decor Competition is Throwback Christmas. The winners were announced yesterday during the Christmas Salo-Salo. We won third place! Hooray! :) And because I'm really proud of our work, I'm sharing this "walk" with you down our very own Memory Lane. ♥

So why Memory Lane?The answer is actually found in my Maundy Thursday blog post last year. No matter how difficult the trials we face, how tragic the year might have been, we can never really cancel Christmas. And so, as Fr. Benedict explained, we will not put everything aside. Instead, we will remember how the Lord has been with us throughout our journey, how He has been protecting us, providing for us, caring for us, forgiving us, and loving us despite and in spite of everything that happened. We will walk down our respective memory lanes because there we will be reminded of God's presence in our midst even during the most challenging moments. And once we remember the only…

SFC ICON 2014: Journey Beyond

I have been in SFC for seven years now and I have gone to six international conferences already:  1. At Home - Pampanga (2008) 2. Icon - Cebu (2009) 3. Live - Davao (2010) 4. I Stand - CamSur (2011) 5. Great God - Bohol (2012) 6. Witness - Manila (2013)
The 21st SFC ICON happening on February 14-16 next year will be my seventh. :) And because I was asked to upload the memos on Scribd for sharing to the public, here are the links to the guidelines/memos that have been released as of today. Please feel free to share. :)
Journey Beyond: 21st SFC ICON February 14-16, 2014 Cagayan De Oro City, Misamis Oriental
1. Registration Guidelines and Basic Details:
2. Foreign Delegation Guidelines:
3. Second Memo Summary:
4. Accommodation Guidelines:…

Seventh High ♥

Today, I celebrate my seventh year in CFC Singles for Christ with a bang (literally)! :) 
It just so happened that we also celebrate today the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. Well, it's originally December 8 but since it coincides with the Second Sunday of Advent, it was moved to a later date. 
What's amazing is, right after I posted my "anniversary post" on Facebook, while having dinner with my family, we witnessed a beautiful fireworks display! 

Earlier this year, I already shared my SFC story and I would just like to reiterate. Because after all, it still is the truth. :)
I am SFC simply because I am blessed, forgiven, and loved by a great God and this is my way of giving Him back all the glory. Everything I am is because of Him, everything I have and I do is for His greater glory. :) 
Jaime Cardinal Sin once said: EDSA was not only an act of courage. It was an act of love. Bravery is admirable but love is indispensable. Bravery impresses but only love …

Life After Blogapalooza 2013

I finally got to visit SM Aura last November 16. I went there not to shop nor to dine, but to attend a business to blogger event called Blogapalooza
Organized by Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet and Vince Golangco of When In Manila, Blogapalooza is a community of small and big businesses who have something awesome to share and people who just love to share. 
I was privileged to be part of it. I've been blogging since 2006 but the Blogapalooza was the first blogging event that I have attended. At first I was hesitant to submit an application because I don't really think I'm an "influential blogger" but my service partner/travel buddy/best boyfriend encouraged me. Thankfully, my application was approved, and now I'm determined to bring my blog to the next level! :D 
So let me share the highlights of a day of many firsts for me. :) 

So how has life been since Blogapalooza? Well, I received several event and write-up invitations from some of the businesses I&#…

Gush: Help Paint A Better Future

Compassion is not enough. As I've previously shared, a radio ad puts it beautifully: "Sapat na ang ating nakita at narinig tungkol sa bagyong Yolanda. Tulong at hindi awa ang kailangan ng mga kababayan natin sa Bisaya. Please help in any way you can."
It's never too late to show them we care. And if there's something greater than giving people the best of what we have, it's sharing with them the best of who we are. Our God-given talents are there for a purpose. Use them to glorify the One who gave them, and you will surely prosper. 
So if you're blessed with art and creativity, then this can be the most beautiful gift you can ever give our brethren in Visayas: 

Dare to make a difference. Let your gift be a gift to another. :) 
Check out this link for details:

Catchfire 2013: With His Might We Fight

"With His Might We Fight!" This is the theme of this year's Catchfire Rally held last December 1 at Philsports Arena (formerly ULTRA). Organized by the biggest Catholic organizations such as Ligaya ng Panginoon, Familia, and Couples for Christ, Catchfire is a major inspirational event that aims to re-ignite the” fire” among Catholics and other Christians by allowing them to receive the fire of God’s love and spread it to others. 
I was privileged to attend the said gathering which was divided into two parts: Eucharistic Celebration, and the Rally Proper
Eucharistic Celebration
If prayer, fasting, and alms-giving are the Lenten essentials, Archbishop Socrates Villegas discussed in his homily the three things this that we ought to do this Advent season: Listen, Love, Let Go
Before giving the final blessing, Archbishop Soc also encouraged the community to never cease praying. "Pray for it. If it is good, God will give it to you." 
Rally Proper
As in any gatheri…

Keeping Things Simple

After 3 long years of a mutually beneficial relationship, I have decided to call it quits. Friends, I am no longer using my Globe number. :) You may now delete it from your phonebooks. If you need to contact me, you may reach me at my Sun number or send me an email or private message. 
The decision came after realizing that I can actually live with just one network. I am not advertising Sun here, but they really have good deals. For only Php 300 per month, I have unlimited texts to Sun, 500 free texts to other networks, plus call minutes to Sun, Smart, and TNT. If that isn't enough, I can also load Php 100 and have unlimited texts to all networks, 60 minutes of Sun calls, 60 minutes mobile internet (which I don't find beneficial though since I only use a basic phone) for 7 days! So that's less than Php 500 a month which is definitely a big saving for someone who has a tight budget like me. 
Click here to find out more ways of loading your Sun prepaid number:…

Live Your Faith

Here's a personal story shared by Fr. Augustine during his homily: 
Coming from a mission in Japan, he went back to the Philippines exhausted and hungry. He hired a taxi that would bring him to his accommodation in Tandang Sora. He was wearing his clergy shirt. In the middle of EDSA, somewhere in Makati, the taxi driver pulled over and commanded him to get out of the taxi because he (the taxi driver) doesn't want to do business with a Catholic priest. He also asked Fr. Augustine to pay him Php500. The priest had nothing left to do but to give in to the driver's demands. He got out of the cab and paid Php500 to the driver who claimed to be a member of another sect. 
After 30 minutes of waiting under the scorching heat of the sun, he was finally able to get a ride. This time, the taxi driver is a Catholic who actively serves as lay minister in one of the parishes in Manila. Fr. Augustine felt relief having found a new brother and friend in the person of the taxi driver. 
But h…

Alive, Alert, Awake, Enthusiastic

Taken from Sambuhay (December 1, 2013 | 1st Sunday of Advent) Written by: Fr. Victor S. Nicdao
As a seminarian, I would facilitate recollections for high school students and one icebreaker I remember so well is the song "I'm alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic." Students would be divided into four groups, each group assigned a word from the song. The students would then stand up whenever their word came up as we sang. After the son, the students were all alive, alert, awake, and enthusiastic, not to mention panting and perspiring from the kick they got out of the song. 
The song captures one of the important themes of this Sunday's Gospel reading. In four examples, it highlights the need for steadfast vigilance. The first example is that of Noah. People during his time were so engrossed in the ordinary daily activities and concerns ("eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage"). There is nothing wrong with these normal everyday activities and the att…