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My Best Friend's Baby ♥ (and Three Reasons Why You Should Watch Moana on November 30)

Last year, my best friend got married. And I wrote about it here. :) 
This year, she got pregnant! And we're all very excited to meet her baby girl. Little did we know, that she was more excited to meet us. And so, even before her seventh month, baby Raia was already out! She is currently at the neonatal ICU for close monitoring and medication until she gets ready to face the bigger world as an awesome baby. ♥
So, to aid in her medical expenses (mind you, they're overwhelming!), we're having a movie screening of Moana at SM Megamall Cinema 6 on the upcoming holiday, November 30, 2PM, which is also the 1st day of screening. Since this is a fundraising activity, ticket price is Php500 each.

Let me give you three simple reasons why you should go, watch, and support our event: 
1. Moana is not your typical fairy-tale Disney movie. Much like Frozen (they have the same creators, by the way), it shows that love is not all romance. It follows the story of a young, brave girl (jus…

When God Surprises ♥

... be sure you're ready! ♥
But how can you ever be ready for a surprise? E surprise nga? Haha. 
I am someone who so loves surprises that I actually kind of expect them already. Huh? Ano raw? :D 
Truth is, daydreamer talaga ako. I can already think of ways how people would surprise me. That's why if they don't, I get disappointed and heartbroken. Haha. Weird me. 
But this surprise is one I did not really expect. Which makes it a legit surprise!
I opened my email expecting a bunch of work-related stuff. And then I saw this: 

I swear I was dumbfounded. Akala mo naman winner na. Haha. But seriously, I did not expect this nomination. I'm aware of the event and I even submitted nominations for the other categories but little did I know that I was going to be nominated as well. And not only that, I was shortlisted! What kind of sorcery is this?! 
I may not know who is responsible for this (unless you tell me you did nominate me, c'mon, let me know so I can pinch thank y…


When you have done all you have been commanded, say, 'We are unprofitable servants; we have done what we were obliged to do.'
Today's Gospel is a reminder for us to remain humble despite all our "accomplishments." Because the truth is, those accomplishments are merely responsibilities we ought to fulfill. 
I am Aiza.
Daughter. Friend. Sister. Partner. Missionary.  SFC. PFO Coordinator. Writer. Editor. Process Analyst. Department Head. 
I write. I blog. I do functional requirements. I organize retreats. I give talks. And the list goes on. 
But really, these things don't make me a great person. I am nobody until God trusted me enough with these responsibilities. I do things not on my own capacity but only through the strength which comes from my Creator. I live only by His daily sufficient grace. 
See, titles come and go. Accomplishments? They will soon be forgotten, and probably would become meaningless. All that matters in the end is not how much but how well