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Random Lessons

I'm currently doing one of my favorite activities: decluttering. ♥
Among the helpful stuffs that I saw were three pieces of paper on which the following things were written: 
Random Lesson # 1: Be OPEN. (From the homily on the gospel about the healing of a blind man.)  We all experience blindness in our lives, more than the physical, there's the spiritual blindness. In times like those, we just need to be OPEN: 
Obedient.Patient.Enlightened.Nothing (Be humble).
Random Lesson #2: Oo sa Panginoon. Oo sa simbahan. Oo sa kapwa.
You can't say yes to God without saying yes to His body (the Church) and to your brethren.
Random Lesson # 3:God's reign is limitless, not bounded by time and space. The essence of kingship is service. Jesus came to serve not to be served. Therefore, unlike any other king, his kingdom has no end.


I also cleaned up my inbox and here are three messages of inspiration and encouragement. :)

Dear My child, 

Does a country send its soldiers to war with…

Some Essentials :)

I have this little book called Light to my Path. And since this is a season of weddings, engagements, and proposals, I believe it's timely to post these basic truths that every Catholic should know. :) 

Marriage is a sacred thing. No two persons should get married "just to try." Before a man and a woman decide to get married, they should know each other well, each other's family background, values, religion, principles in life, tastes, ideals, etc. Hence, they pass a period called courtship. 
How old? When the persons are mature enough to give themselves in love, when they are physically and psychologically ready, when more or less they are financially in a position to raise a family. 
How long? Preferably not as long as five years and not as short as one hour. Short courtship makes one "marry in haste, repent in leisure." Long courtship calls for much time, money, frustration, and exercise of continence. 
Qualities. Look for a partner who is good, o…

This Christmas

I remember Your greatness. I remember Your mercy. I remember Your love. As a response, allow me to surrender myself to You - all my desires, all my hopes, everything that I am and I have. 
The greatest gift that You've given me is Your life. Let my life be my gift to You, today, always, and for as long as I shall live. 
With St. Therese Couderc, I declare: 

You've been singing me love songs since the day I was born. As we remember your birth today, allow me to sing this for You: 

Pag-aalay ng Sarili* (Lionel Valdellon)
Panginoong Hesus ako ay nakikiisa sa 'Yong walang hanggan at walang katapusang 'sangkatauhang pag-aalay.
Iniaalay ko ang aking sarili sa bawat araw ng aking buhay At sa bawat sandali ng bawat araw ayon sa 'Yong pinaka banal at kagalang-galang na kalooban.
Ikaw ang naging alay para sa 'king kaligtasan. Nais kong ako'y maging alay ng 'Yong pag-ibig.
Tanggapin Mo ang aking ninanasa Kunin Mo ang aking handog. Malugod Mong pakinggan ang aking…