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The Ascension of Jesus is one of the important celebrations in the Catholic Church. And this year, the Gospel from which it was taken became even more special as I heard it not just once but thrice. And on those three occasions, God had different but equally important messages.
The first encounter was yesterday during the anticipated mass at the MMLA. In his homily, Msgr. Albert Songco said that the Lord's Ascension is the end of His public ministry and the beginning of ours. We are the disciples whom God commanded to go out and proclaim the Good News. It is our mission to make God known to people. Through our baptism, we are called to share and continue His ministry.
The second time that I heard that same Gospel was at the 5pm mass today at Sto. Rosario de Pasig Parish. My parents requested me and my brother to be there to witness their renewal of vows. They attended the SangPuso Seminar at the parish and as part of their activities, they will renew their wedding vows. During Fr…

♥ Love Stories ♥

21st Month ♥
For the past two months, we've been spending our monthsaries in service. Last month, we were in Navotas for the San Roque Unit CLP Orientation. This month (today), we had our sector service meeting in the morning and went to Padilla in the afternoon for SFC Far East's Covenant Orientation. As I've shared with my household, service in the community, particularly in SFC, can do two things: It can either strengthen or break relationships. In our case, I admit that there are still misunderstandings, may mga tampuhan din minsan, but at the end of the day, we always find ourselves growing in faith and in love. Who we are and what we have now, we owe to the many opportunities God is giving us, opportunities to serve, to journey, to witness, and to love. Ours is not a perfect relationship. But it's solid. And it only gets stronger and sweeter with every trial we overcome by the grace of the Lord. :)
It's our 21st month, and there's no better way to spend i…

Young Homie

I am just inspired by his story. :) I hope he'll stay clean for the rest of his life and be an example to everyone. Transformation is not impossible. You just have to will it and ask for God's grace to help you become a better you. :) Kudos, Chris Rene! You inspire and move me. ♥


"When things don't go our way, getting UPSET will not help. But if we get 'UP' to 'SET' things right, it will make our day alright." 

Thanks Cory for this quote. :)

No long post for today, just that and this:

Smile! It's a great day!
Be inspired. Be blessed! :)

First of May

I wanted to post the Bee Gees song but it's just too sad.
The First of May is rather a happy experience for me. I started my day at Our Lady of the Abandoned (OLA) Shrine in Marikina for the East B Unit Heads Training. My afternoon was spent mostly on communicating with brothers and sisters in the community, and with longtime friends. This evening, I had my lower household. And that was the highlight of my day. :)
We were not complete because some had prior commitments, others had their reasons too, but I was affirmed that the smaller the group, the more intimate the discussion is. And I am very thankful  for the very inspiring sharing and testimonies of those present. Our topic was on Mary's yes and we related it to our personal 'yeses' to the Lord. I tried to recall my biggest "yes" and how it has affected my life.
I've shared this with the sisters, and I'm sharing it again. :) My biggest yes happened in Thailand last October 2011 during the last …