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Daily Sufficient Grace ♥

Let me tell you a story... of God's goodness and faithfulness. 
Ever since I joined the community back in 2006, I have not missed a household meeting for no valid reason. And by valid, I meant a matter-of-life-and-death situation, I'm sick, or I'm somewhere outside Metro Manila. 
Last night, I had all the valid excuses to skip the household meeting:  I have an important report to finish at work. It's the least wonderful time of the month (aka dysmenorrhea strikes again).Traffic is horrible, especially along Ortigas Avenue Extension, and I swear it's deadly.  But no matter how hard Satan tried to convince me not to attend, I still willed to be in the household. You know something (or someone) really matters to you if you're willing to fight for it (them). And the household meeting is THAT important to me. 
So I decided to use Angkas. And just right after we turned right to Ortigas Avenue, God has already assured me of His presence and protection. Isaiah 41:10 wa…