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Kawasan Canyoneering: Can't Help Falling (In Love) ♥

Wise men say, "only fools rush in" But I can't help falling in love with you
A young priest once said, "we can't help falling in love." In the words of Donna Cruz, "kapag tumibok ang puso, wala ka ng magagawa kundi sundin ito."
Exactly a week ago, I had an awesome experience in Cebu. I finally got to tick off the first item on my BDJ's travel checklist. Yay!

As I look at the photos and try to relive the memories of that great adventure, I came to realize that what we did - canyoneering/canyoning - was actually a lot like love. You fall hard and you're dead. LOL. 
Seriously, what I have gone through in canyoneering (and I believe my companions would also agree) can be pretty much likened to the stages of falling in love.
Let me begin.

It all starts with EXCITEMENT. That giddy feeling you get when there's something new! Months before our scheduled trip to Cebu, I was already researching for every detail I can get about canyoneering. I spo…

Blessed and Highly Favored ♥

You know you're blessed and highly favored when you left your umbrella and there's no sun nor rain. :) Yung saktong kulimlim lang ang kalangitan. ♥
You also know you're blessed and highly favored when you're stuck in heavy traffic but you're filled with happy thoughts and memories that you simply don't mind that you're not moving. Mapapaisip ka lang kung anong tingin sayo ng katabi mo sa jeep kasi nangingiti ka mag-isa. Haha. 
And you know you're blessed and highly favored when you've been waiting for a ride for a long time and then you see someone who's walking to where you're also headed. You decide to walk with him and you get to catch up a little. Then you realize, meaningful conversations usually happen along the road. Because life is actually a journey. 
These little wonders simply prove that the best things in life are not always the grandest things. We are all blessed and highly favored. It's just up to us to acknowledge God'…

Perks of Loyalty: Sun Choice Rewards

Lately, I've been benefiting big time from loyalty programs. Indeed, brand loyalty has its perks and more often than not, those perks come in handy just when you need them most. :) 
Today, I needed to call my parents. But since I haven't replenished my load wallet yet, and I no longer have enough load credits, I decided to check out my Sun Rewards points. Lo and behold! I have enough credits to redeem a Php50 load which is already sufficient to register for a Sun promo combo. 
And because their website is not that updated, let me share with you the item codes in case you're interested to redeem. Just text REDEEM <keyword> to 9800. 
Last year, I was able to redeem a Jollibee meal because I was notified that my points are about to expire. Sayang naman kung hindi magagamit. :)
(Updated as of March 20, 2017)
MOBILE REWARDS 1. SUNREWARD10 = P10 Regular Load (10 pts) 2. SUNREWARD2 = P2 Regular Load (2 pts) 3. SUNREWARD5 = P5 Regular Load (5 pts)
DEALS 1. BGEMS = Broadway Ge…

When "No" is Actually a "Yes" to Something Better ♥

Since Sunday, I've been complaining about my throat. It hurts so much that I couldn't enjoy my favorite activity - eating. Yesterday morning, I've already experienced chills and on-off fever which made me stay in bed until almost lunch time. But because I have a scheduled meeting in the afternoon, I still went to work. When I got home that evening, I was so exhausted. It doesn't help that I was only eating a little because swallowing is just too painful. I decided to just drink Quakers Oat Dairy but even that hurts. :'( 

Sticker: A Beautiful Story of Waiting ♥

I booked a Grab to the Quezon City Central Post Office where I would claim my long overdue order from a shop abroad. After verifying my drop-off location, the driver asked, "CFC ka po, Ma'am?"
I answered, "SFC po Kuya pero sa CFC po ako nag-wo-work."
"Ahh. CFC din po ako dati." He replied. And the story begins.
Tito Ed graduated from the Christian Life Program (the entry point to CFC) sometime in 2002 (actually, he wasn't sure if it was 2002 or 2003). At that time, he was actively serving in their parish in Fairview. He and his wife are no longer active members of the community but according to him, he has one fond memory about CFC that he will bring with him for as long as he lives.
During their CLP graduation, they were given a Bible, a songbook, and a sticker (yep, I also got those items when I graduated from the CLP). He still have them up to now. But the sticker is special. When Tito Ed got it, he made a promise not to use it until they have …

CreateMeBooks: Personalized Books for Your Little Ones ♥

I first learned about Create Me Books in Jacq's blog. At that time, we just welcomed our dear Raia so when Jacq informed me that I won in her little giveaway, I was so delighted that I immediately logged on to the website and created a book for our little warrior. :) 
After two weeks, my order arrived. And it was beautiful! ♥

Let me tell you three things I love about CreateMeBooks: 
1. You really create the book. Aside from being able to customize the title (name), you are also able to customize the character. There are several options for the hair color and style, the complexion, and the color of the dress. You also have the option to add eyeglasses to the character. I was actually tempted to create my own book with my own character (with glasses of course). Who says I'm too old for stuff like this? :D

2. There's a dedication page! Which makes it more personal. :) Those who know me well would know I'm a fan of love letters and sweet nothings. And to have our love lette…

Letter of Pope Francis to Young People: "Go"

The Lord has been consistent with His message. This time, His messenger was Pope Francis. ♥
And this part right here is so personal:  Listen to the cry arising from your inner selves! Even when you feel, like the prophet Jeremiah, the inexperience of youth, God encourages you to go where He sends you: "Do not be afraid, [...], because I am with you to deliver you." (Jeremiah 1:8)
Below is the copy of the letter. Read and be inspired. :)

Hindi Makakarating Kung Hindi Aalis :)

So I won invites to the premiere night of Sakaling Hindi Makarating. And I'm just so thankful to SM Cinema for helping me tick this off my list. Since it was released last year, I've been wanting to see it. Aside from the good reviews, I was also looking forward to the movie locations. 

I had great expectations, and I'm so glad they were met. :)
Bonus pa that I got to see Pepe Herrera and Alex De Rossi up close and personal. 

Hindi na lang ako nagpa-picture kasi may kasama na rin akong celebrity at sa kanya pa lang, sobrang na-starstruck na ako. (I'm talking of Paolo Santos, of course! ♥)
Anyway, the movie will make you fall in love with the Philippines. There's really so much beauty in this little archipelago. The movie will inspire you to explore the hidden gems of our beloved country. I love that it also featured the local culture. May trivia bawat lugar. And I assure you, mapapasabi ka talaga ng "it's more fun in the Philippines!" At mapapahanap …

Ikigai: The "Why"

Ever since the word "ikigai" was introduced in the Belle De Jour Power Planner several years back, I have always thought about it. But it was only just last year when I decided to really spend time discovering it. I signed up for Ms. Dar's workshop during the BDJ Fair but even after that, I still haven't found that one word or phrase or whatever which I could consider a solid ikigai. Until today. 
When I decided that I would still go for the Belle De Jour Power Planner this year (because there are a lot of other good planners out there, you know; and I had three great planners to choose from at that time, all of which I got for free), one of the first pages I filled out was the Ikigai page. But I was not able to finish it. Last January 12, I had my 2017 BDJ Power Planner blessed by Fr. Benedict. And it was only after that I did fill out the other pages. 
Today, I was finally able to discover my ikigai. :) 

Begin Again

There's just so much that I want to say I really don't know where to begin. 
My last blog post was last year! Can you believe it? Oh how time flies! 
I've always wanted to do this - sit down, relax, and write to my heart's content. According to Buddha, "there are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth... not going all the way, and not starting."
So here I am beginning. Again. 
I always say that writing is my first love. It is. And I think it will be my forever love. I've been blogging ever since blogging started but I have never been consistent. Well maybe I was during college but all I came up back then were immature posts. You know, so emo. :)) 
When I started this blog, I told myself that I'm going to be more responsible and mature. I have to act my age (even though I look a lot younger ;p). So I wrote reflections, prayers, and basically the title of this blog, STUFF THAT MATTERS (at least to me). 
Last year, I went through a lot. Imagi…