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Turning A Career Into A Calling

During our household last night, we talked about one of the major aspects in the life of a single person: career. Our household heads (Tito Thonie and Tita Rhoda) know us very well that they are aware of our current struggles (and victories, for some) at work. 
When I got the printed copy of the topic, I just smiled and told God, "perfect timing, Lord!" :) 
Indeed, I am where I am now because the Lord said so. If it wasn't for that "calling", I would have already left years ago. I know I won't be here forever (because the Lord said so, too) but while I'm still here, I strive to live out the mission and vision statement that we recite everyday, because God deserves my best. It's hard, and it gets frustrating at times, but as long as I remember that it is all about the Lord and that He is my Ultimate Boss, then everything becomes so worth it. ♥ I just tell myself everyday, "Kapit lang, Aiza. Konti na lang. :)"
Here's a copy of our house…

Cornerstone: Fruit That Remains

One of the insights I went home with from the recently concluded SFC International Conference in Palawan was Gelo Saludo's definition of loving more: To not just bloom where you are planted, but to bear fruit that will remain.
I have been in the community for almost a decade now, and after hearing those words from the last session's speaker, I pondered and asked the Lord if I have contributed anything to the community. Was I able to bear fruit? Did those fruits remain?
Then I received a text message from a brother about the Cornerstone Moving Up Day. Time flies really fast. It was just like yesterday when we had our Orientation and now, another school year will come to a close. And in a sweet whisper, I heard God say, "Cornerstone is the fruit that remains."

I was privileged to be among the first batch of Cornerstone Tutors, pioneers if we may be called as such. At that time, our sector (East A) was assigned to handle Commonwealth Elementary School in Quezon City. B…

The Only Necessary Thing

If others flock to fashion bazaars to shop for shoes and clothes, I go to book fairs to scout for good, affordable books. :) One of my recent purchases is a Henri Nouwen book, "The Only Necessary Thing: Living A Prayerful Life." It's actually a compilation of spiritual insights and prayers of Henri Nouwen taken from many of his works (both published and unpublished).
Yesterday, I began to read it. The original plan was to begin reading it on New Year, but since I already started a lot on that day, the book was put off. On Chinese New Year, I attempted to put it on my reading list, but Fr. Michael Gaitley won over, and so, I began (again) my 33 Days to Morning Glory instead. I believe there is truly an appointed time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3), and yesterday was the perfect day to finally read the said book.
There are only 15 chapters in the book, and a total of 176 sections. I plan to read it one section a day so I can have time to really reflect and ponder. But we…

That Thing Called Tadhana ♥

I jumped on the bandwagon and watched the much talked about That Thing Called Tadhana just because my brother insisted and just because he actually gave me money to spend. :D Thanks, bro! :)
See, I just came back from a week-long stay in Palawan and I really don't have much money left in my wallet. Saktong pamasahe na lang talaga. :D And so I really thank my brother for this post-Valentine gift. :)
A lot has been said about it, but here's my take: it was good, except for the many unnecessary PI's mentioned all throughout the film. Maybe it's just me but really, it was a big turnoff. 
Nonetheless, the movie was indeed an arrow that pierced through the hearts of moviegoers (I assume), including mine. I enjoyed it and was reminded of valuable lessons about love and life. One of its strongest points is its being raw and real. That's why it's easy for people to relate and understand. Tagos hanggang buto. Especially those scenes in Baguio and Sagada. Napaka-personal…

30 Ways To Love More ♥

I got this list from Lifehack and since CFC's theme this year is LOVE MORE, and 2015 has just started, I guess it's high time to really reflect on these things and decide to finally give them a try. :) If you're already doing them, then keep up the good work! :)

1. Make a new friend a month. And make sure you keep them. :)
2. Send a letter or card each week to a loved one. Nothing beats the feeling of receiving an actual letter than just reading a text message or a private message on Facebook. :)
3. Do something nice for others everyday. Can't remember if it was Cardinal Chito who said, "kahit maliit basta malimit, papuntang langit." Consistency is the key. :)
4. Get rid of "frenemies." Get real. Make friends. :)
5. Strengthen relationships with family members. Especially when you're separated by distance. Find time to talk to them. It keeps you bonded. :)
6. Be more forgiving. Love without forgiveness is not love at all. :)
7. Let go of the need to b…

Guimaras For A Day ♥

Over the Christmas break, I accompanied my brother, his girlfriend, and two other friends in paradise, a beautiful island called Guimaras. :) 
I'm still no expert but since it has been my third time to visit the place, I have at least learned where to go, what to do, and what to eat. So for those who are interested, here's a list of my recommended sites and activities:  Smallest Plaza (Jordan)St. John the Baptist Church - this church on a hill is just a few steps away from the Smallest Plaza :) Holy Family Hills (Brgy. Tamborong, San Lorenzo, Guimaras) - a very good alternative to Balaan Bukid. In fact, this is a better pilgrimage site if you have kids in your group.
The Grillers - they serve delicious meals with Guimaras' world-famous mango! You must try the Mango Bulalo, Mango Pizza, Bangus Sisig, and the refreshingly healthy Guimaras Blend.  Guimaras Capitol Complex and Museum - The Manggahan Festival is held at the Capitol Complex Grounds. You can also buy Guimaras produc…