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Love Than Which There Cannot Be A Greater*

*Cluster 4 Household Topic
The Lord defined that fullness of love which we ought to bear to one another when He said: "Greater love than this no one has, that a person lay down his life for his friends" (John 15:13). Earlier He had said, "This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you." From this there follows what this same Evangelist John says in his epistle, "As Christ laid down His life for us, even so we also ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters" (1 John 3:16), loving one another in truth as He loved us who laid down His life for us.
Such also is doubtless the meaning of what we read in the Proverbs of Solomon: "If you sit down to supper at the table of a ruler, consider wisely what is set before you; and so put out your hand, knowing that you are bound to prepare similar things" (Proverbs 23:1-2). For what is the table of the ruler but the one from which we take the body and blood of Him who laid …

Excited for April! :)

While listening to the radio this morning, my heart skipped a beat upon hearing this: Manila Cathedral, mulingmagbubukasngayong Abril. ♥♥♥
I've always loved the Manila Cathedral. From the moment I first stepped foot on its holy grounds sometime in 2000, I've already told myself that I wouldn't get married anywhere else but there. My hopes were lost when I learned that it was closed for renovation and thus, weddings were no longer allowed until the completion of the reconstruction. So when I saw the Transfiguration Chapel in Caleruega, I told myself, "sige, pwede namang ditonalang." 
Asa naman kasi ako masyadong ikakasal ako bago matapos ang paggawa ng Manila Cathedral. Haha. Assuming much. :D 
But really, I'm happy to know that rehabilitation is finally over! According to news, the renovated cathedral looks brighter with more lights and refurbished chandeliers. And did I mention it has thirteen (13) chandeliers?! I just had to emphasize that. :)
Formal reopen…

Enough for Today

I have one word for everything that happened today: enough. Funny how God affirms through the things found in my room, particularly this: 
Always remember, God gives you: Enough happiness to keep you sweet Enough trials to keep you strong Enough sorrows to keep you human Enough hope to keep you happy Enough failure to keep you humble Enough success to keep you eager Enough friends to give you comfort Enough wealth to meet your needs Enough enthusiasm to make you look forward Enough faith to banish depression, and Enough determination to make each day a better day than the last.

Thank You for the gift of today and for the gift of Your love, Lord! You are more than enough! ♥

The Happiness Creed ♥

by BJ Gallagher

I believe that happiness is my birthright,
as well as my responsibility;
and I commit to claiming it.

I believe that happiness is here and now;
and I commit to awakening to it

I believe that happiness is a choice;
and I commit to choosing it.

I believe that happiness is a habit;
and I commit to cultivating it.

I believe that happiness is free,
like rainbows, sunshine, and air;
and I commit to reveling in it.

I believe that happiness is always available,
no matter what others are doing;
and I commit to creating it.

I believe that happiness is an inside job,
not dependent on money, fame, or possessions;
and I commit to living it.

I believe that happiness is an attitude of gratitude;
and I commit to giving thanks.

I believe that happiness is in action;
and I commit to generating it.

I believe that happiness is contagious;
and I commit to sharing it.

I believe that happiness is a prayer,
uniting me with the universe;
and I commit to offering it.

I believe that happiness is my calling -

I must BE the…

Children Learn What They Live

Saw this hanging at the ancestral home of Tito Roland Araza in Majayjay, Laguna. Parents, soon-to-be parents, and those who want to be parents in the future (like me!), let's learn from this. :)
Children Learn What They Live
If a child lives with CRITICISM, he learns to CONDEMN. If a child lives with HOSTILITY, he learns to FIGHT. If a child lives with RIDICULE, he learns to be SHY. If a child lives with SHAME, he learns to FEEL GUILTY. If a child lives with TOLERANCE, he learns to be PATIENT. If a child lives with ENCOURAGEMENT, he learns CONFIDENCE. If a child lives with PRAISE, he learns to APPRECIATE. If a child lives with FAIRNESS, he learns JUSTICE. If a child lives with APPROVAL, he learns to LIKE HIMSELF. If a child lives with ACCEPTANCE and FRIENDSHIP, he learns to FIND LOVE in the world. 
Tito Roland saw me copying the poem and I said with a smile, "For future use, Tito." He replied, "Mahirap talaga maging magulang lalo na sa panahon ngayon. Tama yan, to guide you, …

Monday Victories :)

The week started right for me because of these victories: 
1. Nourishing morning teaching and worship. :) Thanks to Tito Robert Ardiente.  2. Productive day at work.  3. Alaska won against Air 21! 88-78! :D 4. Lettuce galore!  5. A 100-Year Legacy! ♥
I'm ending today with these three thoughts: 
1. "Ang problema lalo lang nagiging problema kung masyado mong iniisip." -Police Officer, RhodoraX  2. "Kailangan talaga kita. Ang gusto ko lang sana kailanganin mo rin ako sa buhay mo." -Simon, A 100-Year Legacy 3. "Ikaw ang babaeng matagal ko ng hinahanap. Yun ang katotohanan." -Simon, A 100-Year Legacy
Thank You Lord for not just another manic Monday, but for a day filled with Your abounding grace and presence. Thank You for always giving me reasons to smile. Thank You for never failing to make me feel special and loved. Thank You for being everything I need! Ang totoo, kailangan talaga kita, Lord. At hindi talaga ako mabubuhay nang wala Ka. Salamat sa buha…

Do Yourself A Favor :)

Avoid doing these things (but if you can't then take extra caution): 
Fixing Appliances  Rates of electrocution deaths among men jumped 76 percent between 2008 and 2009--the last year for which data is available, according to a report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The most common cause, trying to fix small appliances like toasters or blenders, the data shows. Unplug everything before going to work.
Lighting Fireworks  Roughly 9,000 people end up in the ER every year as a result of messing around with fireworks--a number that hasn't changed since 1997, shows another CPSC report. Yeah, fireworks are fun because they're dangerous. But maybe stick to sparklers.
Boozing Near a Body of Water  Roughly eight adults die every day by drowning-and 80 percent of those victims are men, according to stats from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In 70 percent of those deaths, alcohol is involved, the CDC stats show. Clearly, booze and large bodies …

Thank You For The Weekend :)

Home sweet home from a very refreshing weekend. And for everything, I praise and thank You, Lord! ♥
Thank You for Tito Roland and Tita Daisy who served as my foster parents during the weekend.  Thank You for Kuya Jason and Ate Flory who gave me the opportunity to witness their beautiful wedding.  Thank You for Majayjay which became my second home for the weekend.  Thank You for the lessons about marriage, parenthood, career-building, pursuing one's dreams, love and relationships, and life in general.  Thank You for the weekend break. You know how much I need one. :) 
I'm ready for the week ahead, my King. Please continue to be with me as I journey towards becoming the best of me for You. ♥

To Jesus Through Mary

"Practice makes permanent."
That is why all throughout the third session of the 21st SFC ICON, Kuya Don Vivas kept on repeating the line "to Jesus through Mary."
Our Catholic faith teaches us how much we are loved by the Lord that He never left without entrusting us to His very own Mother. We were given to Mary first. "Woman, behold your son."
It is in modeling ourselves after Mary that we become more and more like Jesus. 
Ate Martha shared that MARY also means Mary Always Remembers You. As a mother who never forgets, Mary keeps us close to her heart. And because she is daughter to God the Father, mother to the Son Jesus, and spouse to the Holy Spirit, closer to her also means getting closer to the Trinity as well. :)

As we journey throughout this season of Lent, there is no better companion than Mary herself. May we choose to walk with her and join her in following the footsteps of Christ from Cana to Calvary. And at times when we feel that the road is a…

Lent Reflections ♥

Aside from Pausing To Pray, I also signed up for Fr. Robert Barron's Lent Reflections. And today, let me share this beautiful reflection: 
No Way Up But Down Something I have noticed over the years is that the holiest people in our tradition are those who are most aware of their sinfulness. Whether it is Paul, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Teresa of Avila, Thérèse of Lisieux, or Mother Teresa, the saints are those who are convinced of their inadequacy. When Isaiah encounters the Lord he says, "I am a man of unclean lips!" When Peter is in the presence of the Messiah he says, "Lord, leave me, for I am a sinful man." G.K. Chesterton once said, "A saint is someone who knows he's a sinner." The holy person has no illusions about himself. It is an extraordinary and surprising phenomenon that the saints seem to be those who are most conscious of their sinfulness.At times we are tempted to think that this is a form of attention-getting, a sort of false humil…

Pausing to Pray: Lenten Reflections for Busy People

They say that BUSY literally means, Being Under Satan's Yoke. I guess that's just true if in the midst of the hustles and hurries of life, you do not really allow yourself to be occupied by God and His Word. I would like to believe that God understands our busyness. He knows exactly the demands of our jobs, our ministries, our families, our communities, our Church. And He understands because He loves us. :) 
But because we love Him too, we do not take Him out of the picture. We do not say, "I still have a lot to finish, Lord. Can you just wait a little?" Because we love Him too, we make time for Him. :) 
I just signed up into this beautiful campaign entitled Pausing to Pray: Lenten Reflections for Busy People. The first reflection came in today and I thought of posting it (and hopefully the rest of the 39 reflections) as a personal offering this season. :)
May we all have a blessed and meaningful Lent. ♥
Ash Wednesday (Day 1)
Excerpt from the Diary of St. Faustina: In…

Three Things To Realize :)

Fr. Benedict's homily can be summarized into these three things:

1. One of life's greatest tragedies is this: we work so hard to gain possessions to the point that we are becoming unaware that our possessions already own us. If you find it difficult to give away something due to "sentimental value" or whatever value it may have, you need to ponder and assess if it's still you who own that possession or if it already has owned you. The fact is, we do not own anything. Everything is just being lent to us by God. Whether we like it or not, we will eventually lose them. Don't be attached to the things that are temporary. Focus on what is eternal. 
2. The point of fasting and abstinence especially during Lent is to be able to extend charity. We simplify our lives so that others can simply live. May this season not just pass by without making any positive change in us. This is not a season for a good cause - to be able to reach out and extend help to those in need…

Thank God It's Monday! :)

It's not just another manic Monday because this is the day that the Lord has made. Therefore we must rejoice and be glad! :) 
Here's something that changed my perspective on Mondays - from dreading for them to come to being excited for the blessings that they will bring. ♥
Five Reasons Why I Thank God It's Monday:  (from John C. Maxwell's Meditations for Leaders)
1. The journey is as much fun as arriving at the destination. Anticipation is as exciting as realization - planning as delightful as producing. Christmas is fun long before December 25. Vacations are fun before packing the car and saying goodbye to the neighbors. Likewise, Monday is the beginning of a new venture - it's the start of another journey!
2. You have the opportunity for a fresh, new start. Last week's mistakes can be corrected this week. Last week's sorrow can become this week's joy. You have another chance to do right. Monday morning is the only time you can stand and say, "So far…

Don't You Worry Child :)

First Reading: Isaiah 49:14-15 But Zion said: "The Lord has forsaken me, my Lord has forgotten me." Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child of her womb? Yet though she forget, I will never forget you. 
Psalm 62:2-3.6-9 My soul finds rest in God alone; from Him comes my salvation He alone is my rock and salvation; with Him as my stronghold, I shall not be overcome. Find rest in God alone, O my soul; from Him comes my hope.  He alone is my rock and my salvation; with Him as my stronghold, I shall not be overcome. On God rests my salvation and my honor; He is my refuge, my mighty rock.  Trust in Him at all times, my people; pour out your hearts before Him; God is our refuge. 
Gospel: Matthew 6:24-34 No one can serve two masters; for he will either hate one and love the other, or he will be loyal to the first and look down on the second. You cannot at the same time serve God and money. 
This is why I tell you not to be worried about food and drink for y…

In Everything, Give Thanks! :)

Everything happens for a reason. Indeed. :)
Today, I should have gone to Mt. Sembrano and have a great view of Laguna Lake.  Or, I should have attended the second to the last Cornerstone session in Kabisig. Or, I should have worked overtime to finish my pending projects. 
But today, I woke up later than the call time for the hike because my phone didn't alarm (because it was turned off, thanks to the ever-reliable battery). I was in pain the whole morning until late in the afternoon (dysmenorrhea again).  I was having headaches, mood swings, and just not in the right condition to work.  It's the first of March, and it's the time of the month, unfortunately... or so I thought. :)
While I have to deal with this monthly sickness, I have come to realize that it's actually a gift from the Lord! And so I thank God for the "red days" (read: period) because of the following reasons:
1. It's what makes me who I am - a woman created in the image and likeness of God…

The Roads I Have Traveled

"With the Lord, our journey is not storm-free, but storm-proof." (Arbie, Sharer from SFC Cavite)

The first session in the 21st CFC Singles for Christ International Conference was given by Kuya Adrian Enaje, member of the SFC International Core Team and currently the PFO head. Entitled "Journey Of A Lifetime", the talk allowed me to ponder on the past - where I have been, who I have become, with whom I have shared my journey. Some of the highlights of the talk are captured in the following notes:  More than us journeying with the Lord, it is the Lord journeying with us. As the Lord journeys with us, He feels what we feel. The journey is all about the first G: the Giver of the Gift.  When Kuya Adrian asked, "how was your 2013 journey?", I was somehow brought back to the roads I have traveled. In a recollection led by Fr. Benedict late last year, he mentioned the following roads that all of us will take at least once in our lifetime:
the road of faith that Sar…