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Never Too Much :)

"Even though there were so many, the net was not torn." (John 21:11)

The Gospel today reminded me of one thing: with God, nothing is "too much." I know in one of my recent posts, I mentioned about God telling me that He loves me too much, so much that He actually died for me (and you). He said so because for us humans, we have our limits. We know when something is already "too much" and we say that too much of something, even of a good thing, is bad. But God has no limits. With Him, everything is possible. With Him, nothing is "too much." 

Imagine the scene in today's Gospel. Peter and the disciples were able to catch 153 large fish, but their net was not torn. I assume it was stretched to its limit, probably even beyond, but it was still able to secure all the catch. 

I'd like to believe, because God inspired me to do so, that the net symbolizes our life, and the fish, everything that we carry - struggles, difficulties, burdens. Sometimes we feel they're already too heavy for us to bear. But as Gary Valenciano sings, God won't give us what we can't bear. He gives us just enough. :) 

Enough happiness to keep us sweet
Enough trials to keep us strong
Enough sorrows to keep us human
Enough hope to keep us happy
Enough failure to keep us humble
Enough success to keep us eager
Enough friends to give us comfort
Enough wealth to meet our needs
Enough enthusiasm to make us look forward
Enough faith to banish depression, and
Enough determination to make each day
a better day than the last.

I won't go too far. I'll share my personal story. As the eldest, I have the responsibility to take care of the family (immediate and extended). I have the role of a mediator, counselor, and provider. With what I earn from my current profession, I admit that I couldn't provide for everything that they need, but I need to do something to make ends meet. Hindi pwedeng wala akong gawin. In short, kailangan kong dumiskarte. Just like today. 

Well, Mama sent a text message last night requesting for money to buy necessary parts for the tricycle (dahil tumirik na naman at kailangan na namang ipagawa), to pay for the monthly amortization of the motorcycle, and to pay the laborers working on the house. Lola's house has been under renovation since God knows when. My brother and I decided to help with the finances just so we could have it finished before her first death anniversary on October, or at the latest, by end of this year. 

The thing is, I haven't receive my salary yet. My previous BDO account was closed (yes, because "they find ways") and I just applied for a new account last Tuesday. HR said my salary is already deposited in my new account but since I don't have the ATM yet, I couldn't withdraw. I thought my brother was able to do something about it already, but at around 6:30 this evening, he told me it's negative. My teammates have already left and I was clueless where to borrow the amount that I needed to send. Papa said they need it tomorrow morning. Of course I was frustrated. But it's useless to blame people and to wish things were different. This is my current reality, and I just have to deal with it. 

While I was thinking of who to call and how to produce the amount that I needed, I got a text message from a brother who was asking for help with my CLP presentations. I already sent him the link to all my CLP powerpoint files but he said he couldn't download them. While I was talking to him over the phone, the office phone rang. Finance needs help because (1) they can't open the computer of one of their staff who already went home and (2) one of the auditors cannot connect to the internet because her device is not registered. I called up the tech guys but they're all out. At last I was able to contact one who has the access to register devices. 

I went back to my desk realizing I haven't solved my own problems yet. And guess what, I was already solving problems the whole day, well, mostly system issues. 

With everything happening, I just sighed and exclaimed, "Hay, Ginoo!" 

Then I opened my journal and found this line: "Even though there were so many, the net was not torn." It was God's way of assuring me that I can get through this. After all, He will not bring me to a place (or situation) where His grace couldn't sustain me. He won't give me what I can't bear, what we can't bear. This is not too much because I won't be carrying all these alone. He is with me. We can do this together. :) 

I was relieved. It helped that I learned silencing from the Assumption Sisters during the Jesus Week. Now I can just exhale all frustrations and inhale Jesus and His calming presence. Then I told myself, "Okay, relax. Don't be overwhelmed. Let's take things one at a time. We can do this. With the Lord, nothing is impossible." 

And so the night goes on. And I don't worry. Because I know the Lord will provide. In fact, He has already provided. :) 

Nothing is too much. With God, everything is just enough. We just need to surrender the catch to Him and allow our nets to be supported by Him, to be held by Him. For surely, He will take care of those nets and will never allow them to break. ♥

Smile, the Lord loves us no matter what! :)

We can get through this together. The King and I. ♥
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