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Lessons From The Book Of Life :)

Several months ago, a friend from the community recommended "The Book Of Life." I've had the copy of it months ago as well, but I only got to watch it this morning. Finally. :)

I've listed some of the lines that really captivated me and made me love this animated film.

1. As long as we remember them (the faithful departed), they are with us. The moment we forget them, they are truly gone.
In the movie, heaven and hell are represented as the Land of the Remembered and the Land of the Forgotten. It's a good way to remind us that the dead need our prayers for them to rest peacefully in heaven. The Catholic faith teaches us of the purgatory where the souls are being purified. Our prayers help our loved ones in their journey towards the eternal kingdom of God. May we not just remember them during All Souls Day but let's make a conscious effort to lift them up in our everyday prayers. :)

2. Fathers do what's best for their children.
Not just fathers but parents in general. Although sometimes we don't understand their manner of loving and we get irritated by how they insist what they want us to do, in the end we would realize that indeed, they only want what is best for us. (But I must also say that in reality, there are parents who want what is best for them, even at the expense of their children's dreams and future.)

3. Always play from the heart.
This was engraved on the guitar that Maria gave Manolo. But it's not just about music. It is also applicable to everything that we do. Passion is the key to excellence. We got to love what we do, otherwise, we would just get exhausted and would never find a sense of fulfillment.

4. Life can be really tough for the living.
That's why we need God and each other. :)

5. If you can forgive, love can truly live.
As what Gelo said during the last session of the SFC ICON, "love is at its finest in forgiveness." This is also the reason why when we recite the Lord's Prayer, we say "forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us." Love won't exist without forgiveness.

6. Don't stop fighting for what is right.
A sharer in the SFC ICON said, "God wants you to do not what is easy but what is right." Love does not take delight in wrong, but rejoices in truth (1 Corinthians 13: 6). Fight for the right reason, with the right intention.

7. To be a true hero you have to be selfless.
The heroes and saints have one thing in common: they lived not for themselves. Personal gain was not their agenda. Instead, they dedicated their lives in the service of God and their fellow men.

8. And the world keeps spinning, and the tales keep turning, and people come and and people go, but they are never forgotten.
We all leave a legacy. Thus, the question that we ought to ask ourselves is, "how do I want to be remembered?

9. And the one truth we know, it held true one more time, that love, true love, the really really good kind of love never dies.
Because true love is eternal. It will never end (1 Corinthians 13:8).

10. Write your own story.
Surely God has already planned out our lives but He also gave us free will to discern and decide which path we would take. In short, if anything goes wrong, we cannot blame God or anyone else. We are responsible for the way we live our lives. In that sense, we are, in a way, writing our own stories. May we seek guidance from the Lord as we fill in the blank pages in the book of our numbered days. :)

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By the way, did I mention I also loved the songs? Especially Manolo's song for Maria. :) I would be really really happy if I get the whole soundtrack. I just love it too much! ♥

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