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Happy Anniversary! :)

Someone said that I am not yet ready to get married because I cannot leave my parents.
They are right because as long as I can, I will continue to support my Papa and Mama, and if needed, provide for them. That's the least I could do to repay them for what they have sacrificed for me all these years. And just so you know, my parents never demand anything from me/us. They're self-sufficient. What I do for them is simply my response to their unconditional "I love you". :)

But they are also wrong. Because today, I celebrate my one year (and a day) of being independent, of being truly SINGLE (read: to draw away from the traditional structure of family). You may now clap your hands and say, "Congratulations, Aiza! You survived!" :D

Time flies so fast. I could hardly believe it has been a year already. Here I am, still living alone, away from my comfort zone, distant from the people with whom I spent the first 28 years of my life. And for the past three months (an…

First Love Never Dies ♥

They say that a father is a son's first hero and a daughter's first love. It must be true because Papa has always been my first love, and Lolo Amen, my first hero. :)
I won't share much because I might end up crying again, because I miss them terribly, but suffice to say, I am so blessed to have a father as loving, as nurturing, as faithful, and as responsible as Papa. 
Three of my maternal aunts remained single by choice and their common reason is that they have never met someone like my father. And I agree with them, Papa is my benchmark, too. But I know very well that I won't find another Heide Escuadero Garnica. Nag-iisa lang ang tatay ko! I am sure though that if I'm going to marry, he would have to be just like Papa - loving, nurturing, faithful, and responsible. 
Lolo Amen had only one reminder to his daughters (and to me, being the eldest granddaughter) - marry someone responsible. By that he meant someone who can manage his time well, who can provide, who…

The Lord's Prayer

In 2013, I decided to make a series about The Lord's Prayer based on the Christian Community Bible (Catholic Pastoral Edition). There's a special page on my blog for it but since today, the Gospel is about the perfect prayer that Jesus taught His disciples, I'd like to share it again (with photos taken from Sagada and Batanes - two of the most heavenly places I've visited.). Just click on the links to read the blog entries. Happy praying! ♥ 
Jesus replied, "this, then, is how you should pray:" 
Our Father in heaven,holy be your name,your kingdom come,and your will be doneon earth as in heaven.Give us today our daily bread.Forgive us our debtsjust as we have forgiven those who are in debt to us.Do not bring us to the testbut deliver us from the evil one.

The Art of Living

Read this at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Lipa, Batangas. Good note to self. Especially today. :)
Be on terms with all people.Speak your truth quietly.Listen to others.Avoid loud and aggressive persons.Do not compare yourself with others.
Enjoy your achievements.Exercise caution in your affairs.Be yourself.Don't be cynical about love.Take kindly the counsel of the years.
Be gentle with yourself.Be at peace with God (whatever you conceive Him to be).Keep peace with your soul.Be cheerful.Strive to be happy.

The Single Gift ♥

Today, I got the book I have long waited for. :) 

As I start this journey, let me share a beautiful poem written by a woman who as Kendall and Jones put it, "chose to take advantage of her singleness." 
The Single Gift 
How blessed you are, you single one,Don't talk of care and woes. You've got too much to be thankful for,Oh what, you'd like to know. 
It's no mistake, no misdirectionOf God's perfect planThat you've not found your special ladyOr you, that certain man. 
God loves you so and has much moreTo give than you've ever received. That He's giving His best to you right now,You really must believe. 
His best is Himself, do you have it in fullOr only a bit on the side.No man can meet your needs like God,Nor can a lovely bride. 
If your life's not complete, you know that Jesus isAnd your life He will fillIf you'll only put Him first each dayAnd live to do His will.
He's gifted you for undistractedDevotion to the Lord.There should be no…

Pagbabalik ♥

What would you do if you're left alone in the office with this song playing in the background? 
Sa gitna ng dilimAko ay nakatanawNg ilaw na kay panglawHalos 'di ko makitaTulungan mo akoIturo ang daanSapagkat ako'y sabikSa aking pinagmulan
Bayan ko, nahan kaAko ngayo'y nag-iisaNais kong magbalikSa iyo, bayan koPatawarin mo akoKung ako'y nagkamaliSa landas na akingTinahak
Sa pagsibol ng arawHanggang dapit-haponMalamig na hanginAng aking kayakap
Huwag sanang hadlanganAng aking nilalandasSapagkat ako'y sabikSa aking sinilangan
Not because you're alone. Not because of the song. But because you miss your father. Because you remember that every time he hears this song, he cries. Why? Long story. But I'll try to make it short and sweet. 
Papa left Negros Oriental in 1979 to escape his painful past and to start a new life in Manila. Years passed. He married Mama, they had me, my two other brothers who are already in heaven, and Arnold. Thirty years after, I g…

On Marriage ♥

(1) Because yesterday, my parents celebrated another year of togetherness. Happy Anniversary, Papa and Mama! Thank you for making me believe in forever. ♥
(2) Because today is the first day of June - the month of many weddings. May it not just be about weddings but long-lasting marriages. :)
(3) Because one day, someday, I will marry the man God has prepared for me. And we'll both need all these reminders. :) 
Borrowing the words of St. Justin, whose martyrdom we remember today, "I do not think. I know." ♥
#TiwalaLang #MyTimeWillCome #InHisTime :D
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