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The Road To Emmaus*

Currently sorting my files and found something worth sharing: 
*Cluster 4 Household Topic (May 2014)
On the road to Emmaus Jesus restores hope to saddened people, replaces the overpowering sense of loss and frustration with renewed hope, and the two disciples return to Jerusalem, the house of God, with an invigorated faith. 
Christ comes unrecognized among people. There are a few signs, in the form of prophets, pointing to him but he chooses to reveal himself at his time and in his way. 
Incognito, Jesus walk with his faithful discussing these signs that point to him as the Messiah. Discussing the prophets first, Jesus later reveals himself as their fulfillment. 
When he finally reveals his identity, it calls for a change. Yet this change becomes unifying or segregating. 

At Nazareth, Joseph's and Mary's lives were changed through angelic messengers; the wise men began their journey when the stars foretold the coming. But Herod remained unchanged and more resolute in his ways. At E…

Don't Waste Your Greatness*

*Cluster 4 Household Topic
"But blessed are your eyes, because they see, and your ears, because they hear." (Matthew 13:16)
A mother and a baby camel were lying around, and suddenly the baby camel asked, "Mom, may I ask you some questions?" Mother said, "Sure, son! Is something bothering you?" Baby said, "Why do camels have humps?" Mother said, "Well son, we are desert animals. We need the humps to store water for our survival." Baby said, "Okay, then why are our legs long?" Mother replied, "Son, obviously they are meant for walking in the desert." 
"Okay, then why are our eyelashes long?" the baby continued. With pride, Mother answered, "My son, our long, thick eyelashes protect our eyes from sandstorms." Baby stopped to think then said, "I see. So if the hump is to store water, the legs are for walking through the desert, and these eyelashes protect our eyes, then what in heaven's name ar…

Divine Mercy Daily: Great Happiness From Knowing God

I recently subscribed to Lighthouse's Divine Mercy Daily. For 50 days, I will be receiving reflections from the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska. I thought it would be a great tool as I journey towards the great call we all share: the call to holiness. 
After my conversation with Sr. Leah last Saturday, I was all the more convicted that the pursuit of happiness begins with the pursuit of holiness. The Carmelite nun inspired me to develop a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Lord that I may be able to truly live the life that He meant for me. As Bishop De Leon said in His homily also last Saturday, we need to know Christ and not just know about Him. And to know Him is to encounter Him every single day. 
And so, beginning today, I will journey with St. Faustina as I discover the unfathomable mercy, grace, and love that only comes from the Ultimate Source - my One True Love, my God, my All. ♥

Dare To Dream ♥

"If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough!" -Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, This Child Will Be Great: Memoir of a Remarkable Life by Africa's First Woman President
This poem was posted on Yahoo Voices by Frostgiant almost two years ago. Saw it this afternoon and thought  it would be a good inspiration as I start another workweek. :)

I don't dream of fancy cars or a diamond ringI dream of laughter and hearing the birds singI don't dream of a mansion or other fancy abodeI dream of my freedom, something that can't be soldI don't dream of trinkets or baubles and the lotI dream of a just cause, something worthy to be foughtI don't dream of designer clothes or a closet full of shoesI dream of living lightly and the way I chooseI don't dream of a wealthy man, the one my husband shall beI dream of a loving soul, where two turns into weI don't dream of revenge, two wrongs don't make a rightI dream of understanding, we all have our own …

Learning from St. Benedict: The Instruments of Good Works

July 11 is the Feast Day of St. Benedict. Aside from his famous medal (I bought one at the Trappist Monastery in Guimaras), he is also known for his little book called "The Rule of St. Benedict" which serves as the "manual" for most monasteries until now. 
I had the chance to browse through the chapters and was hooked at Chapter 4: The Instrument of Good Works. It's a long list (72 items) of do's and don't's for people who pursue holiness and would want to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord. I believe we are all called to live that kind of life. So, as we journey towards sainthood and ultimately towards heaven, let this be our "bucket list":In the first place, to love the Lord God with the whole heart, the whole soul, the whole strength.Then, one's neighbor as oneself.Then not to murder.Not to commit adultery.Not to steal.Not to covet.Not to bear false witness.To honor all (1 Peter 2:17).And not to do to another what one would n…

"Wait Training" ♥

Even in our waiting, God has a plan.
Earlier this year, I told God that I was willing to wait. While I can really get impatient at times (or most of the time :D) I eventually learned and embraced the beauty of waiting. I have come to realize that waiting is actually a good thing because it gives you enough time to think, discern, and prepare for what's next. The key to a "happy" waiting is joyful anticipation, and still an attitude of gratitude even if it already seems forever. After all, faith in God includes faith in His timing!:) I also get encouragement from these words by Eric Speir: "We may not always understand why we have to wait, but the good news is that God never asks us to wait without Him."
And because I'm not done with my "wait training" yet, God continues to inspire me with messages like Rissa's latest article (Just Wait) and this beautifully-written poem by Russell Kelfer: 
Waitby Russell Kelfer
Desperately, helplessly, longingly…

Taken :)

Not for granted. ♥
Taken by God.I belong to Him. I am His. 
I was surprised to hear Casting Crown's Who Am I being played on the "patok" jeepney that I rode this morning on the way to the GMC. If you are a commuter, you would know what music genre is usually played on patok jeepneys and it's nothing close to Christian. But that was my first miracle for the day: going to work with the reminder that I am the Lord's. While listening to it, I couldn't help but smile and try to remember how we (SFC Chorale) sang it in a Madz Concert many years ago. But more than that, I was comforted by the assurance that God hears my every call, catches me every time I fall, and tells me "I love you, you are Mine" every moment of my life. ♥
Taken care of.God provides!
My parents need quite a big sum of money. While I already have part of Papa's retirement fee, it's still not enough. And even if I send them all of my salary this pay period, kulang pa rin. But the …

Letting Go(d) ♥

“Let’s forgive the past and who we were then. Let’s embrace the present and who we’re capable of becoming. Let’s surrender the future and watch miracles unfold.”― Marianne Williamson

His Way :)

You can run, you can hide but you can't escape God's love... and His plans. :) 
Unfortunate? Not really. It's even more beneficial for us, because we know for a fact that God's plans are always better and grander than ours. And He won't stop until that plan is fulfilled. Truth is, God pursues us and will continue to do so until He has finished what He started in us! ♥

Remember Jonah? :) Here's probably the cutest way to deliver that story: 

Thanks to Tito George who asked for my help to download a copy of this video. :)
So instead of trying and actually doing things on my own, I'll leave them in Your hands. I'll let You be You. I surrender, Lord. I won't do it my way anymore. I'll let You be God and have Your way in me. Your will, Your plan, not mine. ♥

He First Believed ♥

Hearing the Gospel and the exhortation during this morning's worship at the GMC, I couldn't stop playing this song in my head: 
How many times did I prayYou'd find meHow many wishes on a starGazing off into the darkDreaming I'd see Your faceSafe at home unafraidCaptured in Your embrace
So many timesWhen my heart was brokenVisions of YouWould keep me strongYou were with me all alongGuiding my every stepYou are all that I amAnd I'll never forget
It was You who first believedIn all that I was made to beIt was You looking in my eyesYou held my handAnd showed me lifeAnd I've never been the sameSince You first believed
There were timesWhen I'd thought I'd lost YouFearing forever was a dreamBut it wasn't what it seemedPlacing Your hand in mineYou could see in the darkYou were guiding my heart
It was You who first believedIn all that I was made to beIt was You looking in my eyesYou held my handAnd You showed me lifeAnd I've never been the sameSince You firs…